Men’s volleyball snake bitten by Medicine Hat

Posted: January 27, 2017

The Briercrest men’s volleyball home game started off with loud cheers which was close for both teams, but ended in defeat as Briercrest fell to the Medicine Hat Rattlers.
The 1st set loss for Briercrest started off with a point for Briercrest, which was earned by a power serve delivered by Mitch Erickson. This point took the scoreboard to 1-0. Eventually, Medicine Hat put a couple points up on the scoreboard and the two teams continued to exchange play-for-play. Both teams remained neck-and-neck. Later on, strong player Javier Alvarez returned back from his last game injury with strong serves and Mitch Erickson continued to serve well-executed serves with power and precision. But despite Javier’s return and powerful serves Briercrest fell to defeat with a final score of 25-19.

The 2nd set win for Briercrest took a turn for the better in comparison to the 1st set, as Briercrest returned stronger and more polished. Both teams started off with a tied score of 2-2, but eventually Briercrest took the game advantage with a leading score of 5-3. Later on, Medicine Hat challenged Briercrest’s victory. The Rattlers took possession and continued to advance, but Briercrest took the set victory with a final set score of 25-23.

The 3rd set was led by Briercrest’s Joel Rosewarn. He advanced the scoreboard to 2-0, until Medicine Hat scored a point advancing the scoreboard to 2-1. Briercrest proved to start off strong this set, and both teams continued to exchange serve-for-serve until Medicine Hat advanced with a leading score of 6-4. Later on, Bryan Fountain proved to be a key player and proponent for Briercrest. He was the Player of the Game, and took the scoreboard to a tying score of 6-6. Mitch Erickson also had some impressive kills, but the Rattlers advanced ahead with a leading score of 12-8. In this set, the Medicine Hat Rattlers had nice spikes, and Briercrest had great serves, but Briercrest’s efforts couldn’t overcome the pressure of Medicine Hat’s kills. Briercrest lost with a final set score of 25-21.

The 4th set started off with Briercrest in the lead. Matt Ginter scored the first point for Briercrest. But not long in Briercrest soon fell to defeat until later rising up to a tie score of 4-4. Shortly following, Medicine Hat took the lead with a leading score of 17-11, and Briercrest continued to fight hard to gain the game advantage but couldn’t overcome the strong tactics of the Medicine Hat Rattlers. Both teams played hard the entire game and it was hard to determine who was the better team, but in the end the Medicine Hat Rattlers proved to be just a bit stronger winning with a final 4th set score of, 25-14.
The Player of the Game for Briercrest was Bryan Fountain with 8 kills, 3 assists and 4 digs.

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