Women’s volleyball takes a bite out of MHC in three

Posted: January 27, 2017

The Briercrest women’s volleyball team welcomed the Medicine Hat Rattlers to their home court, which led to a well-deserved 3-set win for Briercrest.  
The 1st set win for Briercrest began with a bang, as Samantha Zacharias led Briercrest into a two point lead. Medicine Hat fired back a few shots slowly tailing behind, but Briercrest continued to rise as proponents of the 1st set match taking the scoreboard to 13-9, with strong serves and precision spikes. But, despite Briercrest’s strong-hold, it just about slipped out of their hands as the Medicine Hat Rattlers caught up with a tie score of 17-17. In the end, Janae Rapley, a strong spiker for Briercrest, broke the tie with a thunderous serve, and Karina Peterson brought Briercrest to their 1st-set win with a final score of, 25-23.

The 2nd set win started off with an unpredictable start, as both teams fell in and out of game advantage the entire game. Samantha Zacharias led the set again. She led with a strong spike in response to an equally strong serve by Medicine Hat. This spike awarded Briercrest the first set point advancing the scoreboard to 1-0. Eventually, Medicine Hat gained the advantage over Briercrest, and the Rattlers remained ahead for most of the game, until Briercrest advanced ahead for a short time. Briercrest soon fell behind again with a score of 11-7 for Medicine Hat. Nearing the end of the 2nd set, the ladies arrived at a tie score of 18-18. But Briercrest advanced ahead claiming their 2nd set victory with a leading score of 25-21.

The 3rd, champion set win started off with an even more rocky and suspenseful atmosphere, as Samantha Zacharias led the 3rd set for the 3rd time in the game. She had a strong serve, but Medicine Hat fired back with ammunition that was too hot for Briercrest’s defensive line to touch. This soon led to Briercrest’s downfall as Briercrest soon fell behind with a disadvantaged score of 4-1. Eventually, Briercrest put a few points on the scoreboard, but the Medicine Hat Rattlers remained ahead for the first half of the 3rd set. The second half of the 3rd set turn-around win led to Briercrest’s triumphant rise. Welcomed in with a loud whistle blow, both teams returned from a time-out. Briercrest proved themselves as home-game champions with a final score of 25-21.

The Briercrest Player of the Game was Rylee Wiebe. She had 1 assist, 11 kills and 7 digs.

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