Briercrest women's team sweeps Lethbridge

Posted: January 21, 2017

Loud bass-heavy warm-up music blared loudly through the eardrums of the audience in the Briercrest gym who waited in anticipation for the women’s second home game of the weekend claiming their second-game victory against, the Lethbridge Kodiaks with an impressive 3-set win.

The 1st set started off with a strong serve from the Kodiaks end, but the game quickly did a 180 degree turn resulting in Kodiak defeat. Kodiaks led with the first point on the scoreboard, which awarded the Kodiaks a one-point advantage over Briercrest. Despite Briercrest disadvantage, Briercrest had a nice block that took them to 1-1, and eventually Briercrest rose to an 11-5 advantage. Following Briercrest’s promising rise to pre-set victory, the Kodiaks fought hard to counter the events that led to their disadvantage. They managed to almost catch up, but Briercrest continued to sprint forward to claim their 1st set victory prize, which awaited them at the finish line with a warm welcome and a well-deserved victory score of 25-20.
The 2nd set started off with a Kodiak advantage again, but Briercrest soon moved to a position of greater advantage leading the game with a score of 8-3. The Kodiaks worked hard to gain back leadership. They scored a few impressive points and continued to land a few hits that made their way as points on the scoreboard, but Briercrest proved to execute much stronger overall leadership skills in this set and the Briercrest ladies zoomed ahead to their 2nd set victory. Briercrest had strong serves in this set, and Samantha Zacharias, an outside hitter for Briercrest, proved herself noteworthy with her strong consistency to land points with her powerful serves. The final score in this set ended with a score of 25-17 for the advantage of Briercrest.

Briercrest changed the tides of the game in the 3rd set, as they immediately took the lead rising as game-champions who proved they deserved victory. Briercrest did noticeably better in this set and Karina Peterson rose as a proponent for Briercrest. She had unstoppable serves that led Briercrest to a 6-point advantage, and the Briercrest ladies worked well together as a well-practiced team. After a short time-out, the scoreboard read 13-6 for Briercrest. The Kodiaks continued to work hard, but Briercrest held their victor position hardly letting a ball hit the floor without a powerful response. Eventually, Kodiak defense crumbled and Briercrest zoomed towards 3rd-set victory claiming their second weekend game win against the Lethbridge Kodiaks with a final set score of, 25-19.

Karina Peterson was Briercrest’s Player of the Game with 1 block, 5 aces, and 5 kills.

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