Women's volleyball team takes win against Lethbridge

Posted: January 20, 2017

On Friday January 20th, Adrianna Dewar, started off the Briercrest women’s Volleyball home game with a powerful serve. But despite her great serve, the Kodiaks fought back hard, and Briercrest lost first possession, resulting in loss of serve. As the 1st set continued on, Karina Peterson led Briercrest in their first set victory scoring the first point, which brought the scoreboard to 1-1. Rylee Wiebe had a nice spike sending the ball directly down on the floor of the Kodiak’s side. This led to a score of 9-5 for Briercrest. Emma Neustaedter continued to serve for Briercrest posing dangerous threats to the Kodiaks line of defense. Her serves hit like bombs unable to be disarmed, taking the scoreboard to 12-6 for Briercrest. Both teams fought hard, but Briercrest proved to be the stronger team. Later on, Janae Rapley fired off a massive serve that broke down the defensive line of the Kodiaks immediately switching the scoreboard to, 21-13 for the advantage of Briercrest. Karina Peterson ushered the Briercrest team out of the 1st set with a victory of 25-14.

The second set started off with a promising loud roar Neustaedter took the scoreboard to 1-0 for the advantage of Briercrest. Shortly following, Briercrest continued to dominate scoring another impressive point, but the Kodiaks pushed back with resistance. Later on, Janae Rapley -- a power house for Briercrest -- fired off two serves in a row. Her serves hit the Kodiaks floor like thunder taking the scoreboard to 6-4 for the advantage of Briercrest. Briercrest led most of the game. Yet the tides turned quick keeping the audience on the edge of their seats, when the Kodiaks caught up tying the scoreboard to 9-9, then 20-20, and eventually, 21-21 and 23-23. Both teams fought neck-and-neck until the end, but Briercrest fell under pressure by two points losing their first set with a score of 23-25.

The third set continued on in favor of Briercrest as Rylee Wiebe served an impressive serve for Briercrest, but the ball dropped just outside the out-of-bounds line and the Kodiaks rose to victory scoring the first point with a score of 1-0. Later on, Emma Neustaedter had a killer block. She took the scoreboard to 3-4 and the ladies cheered with praise. Briercrest took the lead at 5-4, as Samantha Zacharias from Briercrest blasted a serve with notable authority. She then proceeded to respond with a great spike switching the scoreboard to 8-4 for Briercrest. Following a time out, Briercrest snuck ahead of the Kodiaks with a score of 13-6. Lethbridge fought back with a few shots which led to a few points, but Briercrest proved to be the stronger team and rightfully claimed their second set victory with an ending score of 25-19.

The final set ushered Briercrest into their 3rd set win of their home game as they gained the upper hand leading with the first point, which transformed the scoreboard to 1-0. Shortly in, the Kodiaks tied the game 4-4. But Kodiak efforts fell short after Briercrest fans jumped up with a loud victory cheer commending the Briercrest ladies for an impressive rally that led to the game advantage score of 5-4. But after the hustle and bustle of loud cheer escaped the audience, Briercrest was met with victory resistance as both teams continued to exchange serve-for-serve and block-for-block making the outcome of the final set unpredictable. In the end, Briercrest proved to be the stronger team winning with a final 4th set score of 25-21.

Samantha Zacharias, was Briercrest’s player of the game with 7 digs, 15 kills, and 7 aces.

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