Briercrest drops second game to top ranked MHC

Posted: January 14, 2017

Briercrest lost their second game back for the winter semester with a final score of 97-68.  They fought hard to overcome the odds, but Medicine Hat proved to be the stronger team this time around.

The 1st quarter started off with a bang as Briercrest’s own Ben Kornelsen won the upper hand directly off the toss up. Medicine Hat scored the first point of the game and Ben Kornelsen scored the first point for Briercrest, bringing the scoreboard to 5-2 for the advantage of Medicine Hat. Halfway through the first quarter the scoreboard read 13-2 for Medicine Hat, Ethan Da Silva brought his lightning-fast moves to the court and executed them with precision carefully commanding his team into position as he sunk a 3-point shot that took the scoreboard to 13-5. Directly after, Medicine Hat responded with a monstrous slam dunk. Briercrest fought back hard with intensity, but the final score ended at 21-17 for the advantage of Medicine Hat.

The 2nd quarter started off with Medicine Hat leading the game. Briercrest fought hard and had a couple shots, but couldn’t get the ball in the net until proponent Ben Kornelsen added two points to Briercrest’s scoreboard with a score of 23-19 for the advantage of Medicine Hat. A reversal in the direction of events took place when Briercrest sunk four baskets in a row turning the tides of the game and infusing the audience with an electric shock of excitement. With only two minutes left on the clock the scoreboard read 35-30 for the advantage of Medicine Hat, but Briercrest began to fall behind. Despite Briercrest’s fall, the team members of Briercrest displayed strong sportsmanship and Christ-like behaviour helping Medicine Hat up when they fell down and helping their team mates up as a sign of support. The 2nd quarter ended with a score of 44-32, for the advantage of Medicine Hat.

Medicine Hat scored the first point in the 3rd quarter, but Briercrest hung right there with them refusing to give up. Also, in the 3rd quarter Brian Tolentino and Brandon Tolentino became a duo-infused team. Both scored a basket back-to-back which switched the scoreboard to 48-36, for the advantage of Medicine Hat. Shortly after, Ben Kornelsen landed a nice shot that worked its way into the basket, Zak Tamlin sunk two nice foul shots and Ethan Da Silva threw a long ball assist that led to a nice basket by Ben Kornelsen switching the board to 64-49 for the advantage of Medicine Hat. Despite the great plays and Briercrest’s hard efforts, Medicine Hat continued to march towards victory leading by almost 20 points. Finally, Brennan Gardner led Briercrest and both teams out of the 3rd quarter sinking his last foul shot and bringing the score to 72-52 for the advantage of Medicine Hat.

The 4th quarter was led by Medicine Hat, and Ben Kornelsen scored the first point for Briercrest switching the scoreboard to 76-55 for the advantage of Medicine Hat. As the score continued to raise up with the advantage for Medicine Hat, Joshua Mohammed scored a nice basket which took the scoreboard to 85-57. It was an incredible basket, but it wasn’t enough to turn around the tides of the game. With only 5 minutes remaining on the scoreboard, and a score of 85-57 for Medicine Hat, Briercrest continued to battle on but Medicine Hat prevailed as Brennan Gardner sunk a 3-point shot that resulted in a final score of 97-68 for the advantage of Medicine Hat.

The Player of the game was: Ethan Da Silva with 17 points and a game high 10 assists and two steals. Ben Kornelsen had a team high 21 points and seven rebounds to go with one of three blocks for Briercrest.

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