Women’s Basketball loses tight game with MHC

Posted: January 13, 2017

In the first home game of the winter semester at Briercrest, the Briercrest women’s basketball team lost to Medicine Hat with a score of 65-52.

Briercrest lost the tip off of the 1st quarter, and Medicine Hat drove the ball into their territory, immediately scoring the first basket. Medicine Hat took the early lead in the 1st quarter, but Lauren Janzen from Briercrest pushed back and scored a basket tying the scoreboard at 2-2. Both teams were equally matched for the first few minutes of the 1st quarter, until Briercrest pulled ahead and took the lead. Despite Briercrest’s efforts, Medicine Hat claimed the lead for the final seconds of the 1st quarter and proved to be the leader of the game.

Lauren Janzen -- a point guard for Briercrest -- started the 2nd quarter off with enthusiasm as she passed the ball in from the sideline, which led to a basket scored by Jill Ehman, taking the scoreboard to 18-15 for the advantage of Medicine Hat still. Shortly after, Briercrest tied the scoreboard up to 18-18 with 8:40 left in the 2nd quarter. Briercrest fought hard to maintain an equal score, but Medicine Hat took the lead again. In the final seconds of the 2nd quarter Lauren Janzen sunk a beautiful 3-point basket and Bethany Macdonald sunk her last foul shot, bringing the scoreboard to 33-28, for the advantage of Medicine Hat.

Medicine Hat continued to lead, immediately sinking two foul shots in the start of the 3rd quarter. Briercrest battled the strong efforts of Medicine Hat College but couldn’t gain back possession for the first two minutes of the 3rd quarter. Later on, Lauren Janzen was fouled and sunk both of her foul shots changing the scoreboard to 35-30; while Abby Klassen also sunk both of her foul shots bringing the scoreboard to 41-34 for the advantage of Medicine Hat. Emile Peters rose as a proponent in the 3rd quarter sending the crowd wild with strong manoeuvers. She got fouled twice in the last minute, and took the scoreboard to 47-45 for the advantage of Medicine Hat.

Medicine Hat continued to lead the final quarter of the first game of the winter semester’s home game at Briercrest. But, Briercrest was not far behind. Lauren Janzen scored two foul shots right off the start of the final quarter foreshadowing a potential comeback for Briercrest. Her two points took the scoreboard to 49-47 for the advantage of Medicine Hat. Despite the comeback possibility, Briercrest fell behind again. Later on Abby Klassen had an impressive interception driving the ball straight to the net, but missed her lay up. Meanwhile, Sophie Mayerle, sunk a beautiful foul shot bringing the scoreboard to 61-48 for the advantage of Medicine Hat.

Medicine Hat won the game 65-52.

Jill Ehman was Briercrest Player of the Game with a team high 12 points and two assists to go with two rebounds and two steals. Abby Klassen had a team high eight rebounds, five steals and two assists

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