A Christmas Prodigal opens up the Christmas season

Posted: December 28, 2016

Briercrest kicked off the Christmas season “with bells on”—among many other instruments— with its production of A Christmas Prodigal. Many people joined staff and students for A Briercrest Christmas, Briercrest’s annual Christmas celebration weekend. This year, the production featured a dramatic retelling of the parable of the prodigal son. The story, set in Nova Scotia back in the 1800s, demonstrates the love God the Father has for his children.

For Paul Reimer, playing the role of the father was a significant experience and a highlight of the production.

“[A highlight was] definitely getting into the character of the father and getting a little glimpse of how much God loves us, and, out of his love for His Son, how much that pours over into us as humanity,” he said.

The production—complete with a mass choir, orchestra, soloists, and small ensembles— was a unique presentation of the Gospel.

“We had a large number of people that came—people of faith, and a number people that had never experienced the Gospel in this way,” Reimer said.

Briercrest welcomed a wide variety of visitors for A Briercrest Christmas, including many alumni.

“We were thrilled to be able to meet with some of our alumni during the intermission at each of the performances,” said Marilyn Muller, chief advancement officer. “It was such a delight to reconnect with alumni from near and far away—even as far as Dublin, Ireland! Thank you to each of you who stopped by our Alumni Connections and we look forward to seeing many more this next year.”

This year, in addition to the usual festivities, alumni were invited to join the mass choir for Sunday’s performance of A Christmas Prodigal. This was in celebration of Ron de Jager’s 15th year of teaching.

For Kate-Anne Akkerman (College ’15), returning to Briercrest and having the opportunity to be involved in the production was very sentimental.

“It was so nice just to come back, and to sing again is amazing. And singing in the choir—I mean, we’re a part of something so much bigger. You kind of forget that sometimes until you come back and realize, ‘Wow, there’s alumni here from ten years ago, and 15 years ago and even a few years ago’,” she shared.

Briercrest OnStage received a lot of positive feedback from the weekend and was encouraged by the large number of people in attendance.

Preparations for next year’s production will begin early in the new year. Mark your calendars for 2017’s A Briercrest Christmas: December 1-3. We look forward to seeing you there!