Briercrest College hosts Caronport Elementary School for basketball “Fun-Day”

Posted: December 2, 2016

The Briercrest College athletic department hosted the Caronport Elementary School (CES) Friday, Dec. 2 for a morning of basketball teaching and games with the elementary school students.

The CES teachers and students were both very pleased with the experience.

“The time spent with the college athletes is about more than learning a sport,” CES teacher Miss A. Lunde said. “The mentorship and encouragement received by the students is invaluable.” 

“I like doing something new,” Grade 3 student Anna B. said. “It is a fun sport and a good experience.  Spending time with the athletes is nice because we get to talk to them and have a good time together.”

The Briercrest College basketball players seemed to enjoy the morning as much, if not, as the CES students.

“Today’s clinic was an opportunity to represent Briercrest Athletics in community service,” first year men’s basketball student-athlet Mike Greeno explained. “It’s such a great experience to work with kids from the community and just have fun with them. I think for kids to go through drills and skills with athletes from our program is a cool experience. Not only do they come out to watch us play at the college level, they got the opportunity to play with us in today’s clinic. I loved every minute of it.”

“Working with the elementary kids Friday morning was an eye-opening experience that I greatly enjoyed,” first year Junior varsity basketball and soccer player Myrian Jovel added. “The kids we're so energetic, attentive and willing to learn. I felt very honored that the kids trusted me enough to share their vulnerability with me when they felt they weren't good at the sport but still did their best to make the best of the experience and overall to have fun! Their smiles and joyous spirits definitely turned my day around and genuinely set the tone for a great day when I felt it was gonna head in the opposite direction. Conversing with the children and listening to what they actually had to say was really interesting; they're pretty smart, especially the young ones!  Interacting with the children definitely impacted me in a way that they probably have no clue about, but that I'm truly grateful for. Working with the elementary students today helped me remember how much I love working with kids and how great it makes one feel to give back to the community in such a beautiful way.”

“The morning with the elementary school kids was a great way to introduce them to the basics of basketball,” second year women’s basketball player Victoria Voth concluded. “Teaching them introductory skills and watching them purely enjoy the sport was refreshing. My favorite part of the morning was stepping in and helping the kids when they got frustrated with a skill we were doing. By encouraging and helping them with the skills I hope that they can remember basketball as a sport that they enjoy.”

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