Women taste defeat in final showdown game of first semester

Posted: November 25, 2016

By Jeremy Siggelkow

Amy Wanvig, from the Briercrest’s women basketball team, started the game off strong in their last home game of the first semester that ended in a defeat against St. Mary’s University with a score of 86-36.  
In the first quarter, Briercrest got the first touch off the jump, but St. Mary’s overpowered them and took first possession powerfully dribbling the ball down the court into Briercrest’s side. The crowd remained silent, patiently waiting in anticipation to see how the game would unfold. Both teams started off neck-and-neck, until St. Mary’s got a basket stealing the lead. But, Briercrest was determined to defend their honor as, Amy Wanvig pushed back scoring the first basket for Briercrest to put the home team on the scoreboard. The 1st quarter ended energetically with 18 seconds left as Amy Wanvig gained back possession and scored the final basket closing the 1st quarter and bringing the scoreboard up to 18-10 with the advantage for St. Mary’s.

The 2nd quarter started off with intensity, as Briercrest fought to score the first point. Their efforts started off strong, scoring the first basket, but St. Mary’s fired back sinking a couple consecutive baskets. These baskets for St, Mary’s continued to place them in the lead in the 2nd quarter. Later on, Sophie Mayerle had a nice play, but got fouled. She scored both her two foul shots, bringing the score up to 21-18 for the advantage of St. Mary’s. As the game continued on, the ladies from both teams fought back and forth for the next part of the 2nd quarter powerfully exchanging basket-for-basket as if they were evenly matched. After a short time-out, Lauren Janzen of Briercrest continued to lead her team up top as the point guard of the team with strong ball-handling skills. Meanwhile, Kristen Grasmeyer executed a well-played fake that took her right to the net. In the end, Briercrest fell to the power of St. Mary’s University ending the 2nd quarter at, 42-23 for the advantage of St. Mary.
The 3rd quarter started off with loud chants from St. Mary’s bench, as St. Mary’s energetically cheered their team on, but this didn’t distract Sophie Mayerle, who scored the first point of the 3rd quarter taking the score to 42-24 for St. Mary’s.
Shortly thereafter, St. Mary’s pushed back and scored a couple points. Abby Klassen, was a key component of Briercrest’s team. She continued to lead the ball up the court powerfully leading Briercrest into St. Mary’s side often. Later on, strong player Lauren Janzen skillfully weaved her way into St. Mary’s tangled web of defensive players. She scored off a beautiful center lay up. Directly after, Emile Peters for Briercrest executed a nice lay up gaining another basket for Briercrest. The 3rd quarter came to a close after Briercrest called a time out in order to strategize and re-group. Briercrest fell behind with 1:40 seconds left on the clock as the scoreboard read: 64-32 for St. Mary’s. 
As time continued to march on, the buzzer chimed in the final 4th quarter. Briercrest came back strong with one last attempt to gain back control of the game. Both teams scored a couple baskets and worked hard to keep control of the game, but St. Mary’s continued to move ahead proving to be the stronger team this time around. Abby Klassen, was a big proponent for Briercrest in the 4th quarter as she continued to lead her team down the court with quick sprints continually intercepting the ball for Briercrest. Directly following, Lauren Jansen had a promising opportunity, but the ball didn’t end up in the net. In the end, despite their hard-effort, Briercrest lost their final game in an undeserved defeat as they were unable to hold off the attacks of St. Mary’s with a final score of 86-36 for the advantage of St. Mary.

Amy Wanvig, was the leading scorer for Briercrest and was the player of the game with 7 rebounds, 1 assist, and 8 points.

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