A Note from the President

Posted: November 1, 2016

Dear friends,

The air may be crisp now, but life at Briercrest is sizzling. If you walk into a class you will be immediately drawn into an engaging discussion over the relevance of our faith in our world. If you step into the gym you will witness student athletes giving their all on the court learning about discipline, teamwork, integrity, commitment, and harnessing passion. Now, attend chapel and you will be caught up in a moving time of worship and then taken to the Word of God for a thoughtful examination of what God wants us to share in. If you walk through the dorms you will see doors open and students laughing, sharing, enjoying, sometimes crying, and often praying. If you walk through the administrative buildings you will then see staff and faculty working; working hard as unto the Lord and giving their best to our students. In all, we are working diligently; seeking to inspire leaders who will equip the church and engage our world.

This is life at Briercrest. Come visit and let’s take a walk.

Partnering together,