Briercrest menís volleyball sweeps Ambrose for the weekend

Posted: October 22, 2016

Yesterday Briercrest men’s team won their game in an easy three sets against Calgary’s Ambrose Lions. Today, they were set to start at 3:00pm on the feature court.

Briercrest men’s team started off with the serve from #3 Brad Harms. At the beginning of the set, Ludvig Larsen quickly slammed it down with a well-placed dump to the middle of the court. Throughout the set they remained closely tied. Towards the end of the set Briercrest managed to pull away. Javier Alvarez shut down the outside with a hard block to the center of the court. Calvin Sawatzky swung strongly out of middle. Taylor Klassen finished the first set off with a hard spinner, ending the set with an ace. The final score was 25-19 in the first set.

The second set was back and forth. Mid-rally, Javier Alvarez had a one-foot dig reminiscent of the pro soccer players of FIFA. Ludvig Larsen scored on yet another hard dump. Taylor Klassen swung through the block time and time again, tooling the hands of the middle and right-side blockers. Briercrest and Ambrose fought hard against each other, each trying to find a foothold above the other team. Mitch Erickson finished off the set with 5 hard-driven serves, ending the second set with a score of 25-20.

Calvin Sawatzky started off the third set with a hard-to-track float serve. The beginning of the third set was fairly even, but Ambrose managed to gain a three point lead on the men’s team.

Ambrose slowly managed to pull away, leading the third set by five points. Ludvig Larsen set a beautiful one-handed set to #3 Brad Harm who slammed the ball down at the defending libero’s feet. The men’s team lost the third set 18-25, despite their best efforts to climb back up.

#1 Taylor Klassen swung hard on the first set to left side, ending the rally with a swing down line. The score was close at the beginning of the fourth set, but Briercrest slowly pulled itself away with multiple aces and kills. Towards the end of the set, they were eventually leading by 8 points. The Briercrest men’s team won the set with a final score 25-16, winning the game 3 sets to 1.

The player of the game for Briercrest is #1 Taylor Klassen.


Game Leaders:

#1 Taylor Klassen- 12 kills, 2 aces, and 8 digs.

#5 Mitch Erikson- 9 kills, 1 assists, 4 aces, and 6 digs.

#7 Javier Alvarez- 10 kills, 11 digs, and 2 blocks.

#3 Ludvig Larson- 3 kills, 30 assists, 2 aces, and 3 digs.


Match Stats:

Kills: 40

Assists: 38

Aces: 11

Digs: 40

Blocks: 5

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