Carter Reimer hired as JV mens volleyball head coach

Posted: March 15, 2016

Briercrest Athletics is excited to announce the hiring of Carter Reimer as inaugural head coach of the Briercrest junior varsity men’s volleyball program.

Carter Reimer will be making the transition from floor leader to program leader this summer, as he takes the helm as head coach of the junior varsity men’s volleyball program.

Briercrest Athletic Director and varsity men’s volleyball head coach Nigel Mullan is excited to continue to work with Reimer this coming year.

“Carter Reimer is making a natural transition from the captain of our Varsity team to the head coach of the JV team,” Mullan said. “Carter has been invaluable to the development of our varsity program and I believe there will be great continuity between the JV team and Varsity program.  His desire to see Briercrest succeed in all ways has been apparent and appreciated.”

Reimer, originally from Calgary, has experienced great success during his time at Briercrest.

“I won an ACAC gold and bronze and also a CCAA silver and bronze medal,” the BA Christian Ministry graduate explained. “As an assistant coach I have won a high school provincial gold and bronze.”

Reimer is excited to transition to coach this summer.

“What most excites me about working for Briercrest is being able to work within a sport that I have enjoyed playing for the past 12 years,” he explained. “I am excited to experience helping others develop their skills and character.”

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