Reinhardt helps women’s volleyball reach new heights as her time come to a close

Posted: February 19, 2016

Mikayla Reinhardt (#5, Leftside) has left her mark on the Briercrest athletic program, and in the lives of many and who are celebrating with her today as she plays her last home games in the Hangar. After all her hard on the court and in school these past five years, Mikayla will be graduating with her Humanities degree with a major in English.

When Briercrest head coach Nolan Weinmaster approached her over five years ago after an AVA club volleyball event, Mikayla admitted that she was hesitant to accept the recruitment trip invite. When she arrived and experienced the family atmosphere of the team and the deep devotion to learning and growth in the classroom she quickly grew a desire to become part of this family and attend Briercrest.

Coach Weinmaster had nothing but praise for his 5th-year captain.

“Mik is the type of player it will be impossible to completely replace, and I can’t even fully put into words what she means to our program here,” he explained. “She is an outstanding and talented player, but also a tremendous leader, and most importantly, an amazing person. She always puts others before herself and she takes feedback and implements it like no other player I have ever coached. I am sure that is why she has excelled so much in her career – she never stops learning and improving, even in her 5th year!”

Over the past five years there have been many significant moments in Mikayla’s journey. She shares how making new friends and doing life on a much deeper level was something that she had never experienced before and has been one of her highlights at Briercrest. She also shares how watching girls grow in relationship with God and become even more beautiful women who love the Lord and their friends has blessed her tremendously, and she feels very honored to be a part of their lives, even if it’s for just a fraction of time.

Another significant experience Mikayla has had at Briercrest is the opportunity of having success on the court. Mikayla has had a provincial placing three out of her first four years. Reinhardt will also finish her career 4th overall in all-time career regular season kills in ACAC history, and last weekend she actually went over 1000 kills for her career (including playoff kills)! She will also finish 2nd overall in digs and 4th overall in service aces! She acknowledges Nolan’s tremendous contribution and hard work in cultivating a team culture that challenges the girls to become better.

“This year our team is so full of love and joy for who they are in Jesus,” Mikayla said. “Being surrounded by a group of girls that has something bigger than court success has increased the level and amount of joy I have had this year. Our team is a family and just like other families, if one was missing we would notice. We all encourage, push, love, and celebrate together whether they are on or off the court and this love and support has created an atmosphere of trust. What a blessing this family is to all of us!”

As a student, Mikayla has experienced professors who cultivate a deep desire for learning in their students. In recognizing this, Mikayla has become even more driven to take the opportunity she has each and every day to learn something new.

As an athlete, Mikayla continually strives to be the best she can be for her team and serves her team in the role she has been given to the best of her ability. Mikayla’s compassion, vulnerability, stability, and desire to see the best in other people’s personalities has contributed to her exceptional leadership as captain. Furthermore, her level-headed, aggressive, and driven personality has been key in her success as an athlete, pushing both herself and her teammates to give it all they’ve got.

After graduating from Briercrest at the end of this year, Mikayla hopes to study and get her Bachelor’s of Education to teach English to junior high or high school students.

The teams’ focus this year of “learning to live fearlessly” is evident in her response to the question, “If nothing was holding you back what would your dream be?”

“I don't feel held back; I am happy where I am and where I am heading,” Mikayla responded. “If nothing else, I would want to take some time to relax and see the world!”

Mikayla would like to challenge fellow Briercrest students and athletes to not shy away from challenges, be happy and joyous in where you’re at and invest in the people around you. Cherish this time and be excited for the years to come!

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