Carter Reimer leaves legacy behind as he graduates from mens volleyball

Posted: February 20, 2016

The Briercrest men’s volleyball team will have a large void to fill this fall, in a position that has been filled by one man for the last five seasons. Starting setter and four year team captain Carter Reimer will be completing his fifth and final year of eligibility this weekend.

Reimer graduated last April with a BA in Christian Ministry and came back for a sixth year (he was a medical red-shirt in his first year) to begin work on a Master of Divinity.

Briercrest men’s volleyball head coach Nigel Mullan has nothing but praise for the Calgary, AB native.

“Carter has been a significant part of our program for the last six years,” Mullan said. “He has competed hard and has spent his time trying to help the program move forward.  He has filled the role of our captain for four years and has worked hard to help in any way asked of him.”

Reimer leaves a legacy of success behind. He helped the program win ACAC gold and bronze medals (2010-11 and 2011-12), along with a CCAA bronze and silver medal (2010-11 and 2013-14). He was also named a First Team All-Star at the 2014 CCAA Championships.

Reimer reflected on what brought him to Briercrest and why it is a place people prospective students should attend.

“Both volleyball and my specific degree brought me to Briercrest and both of those and the people kept me here,” he explained. “For someone “considering” Briercrest I would say to just come for a visit and experience what it is like to be on campus for a couple of days. You will decide to come.”

He has had several special moments while at Briercrest, one on the court and one much more personal and important!

“Hosting (CCAA men’s volleyball) Nationals in 2014,” Reimer said. “The support and overall experience was thrilling and I will never forget the feeling of having an entire school and town supporting our team as we competed. My favourite moment though was getting engaged and having my closest friends around to celebrate with us.”

As a six year student-athlete, Reimer has had a unique experience of participating on a team for an extended period of time.

“Something that is special about our team is that we have taken to heart the aspect of accountability with each other” Reimer explained. “We want to see each other become stronger in character and in our walk with Christ and through this our personal relationships with each other grow extremely strong.”

His time at Briercrest also gives him special insight into what make Briercrest special.

“Briercrest as a whole is special because in whatever we do as an institution, it all comes back to how can we see Jesus through it?” he said. “Whether it is in class and discussing material and how Christ enters that equation, or how the professors and other staff members desire to serve the students to help with their maturation process. Briercrest embodies that mentality of serving others and it is seen in how students are not just here to get a degree and get out, but instead the school takes it upon itself to see that each student that walks through their doors is molded into becoming a person with the potential to change the world for the glory of God.”

Reimer has seen a lot of personal growth during his time at Briercrest.

“In my time at Briercrest, I think the best way to summarize it would be to say that I became a Christian here,” Reimer explained. “I thought before I came that I already was one, but as I spent more time here I found that I was so far off from being a God-fearing follower of Christ. I have seen myself, over the six years I have been here, learn  how to lead more effectively, how to show more grace to others, how to serve others, and how to think critically without being pessimistic. Looking back, I see how each one of these things has helped me to grow and help me understand what it means to serve Christ.”

The 6’ 3” setter hopes to make a difference in lives after Briercrest.

“After Briercrest, my dream is to pastor in a church,” he explained. “I have a deep desire to develop leaders and help others understand what it means reach their full potential.”

Reimer feels like Briercrest has prepared him for his calling in life.

“To pastor a church has always been what I envisioned myself doing when I came to Briercrest, but I definitely think it has prepared me and also opened me up to the realities of vocational ministry,” he said. “Briercrest has prepared me in everything from practical knowledge, to understanding how to work with and lead people. As much as the schooling has been a vital asset, it is the conversations with my professors, coach, friends, and parents, away from the classroom where I have gotten a grasp on how to effectively apply what I am learning.”

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