Briercrest finished strong in loss to top ranked Lethbridge

Posted: February 12, 2016

On Friday evening the Briercrest women’s basketball team hosted the Lethbridge Kodiaks in the Hangar to start off their last home weekend of the season. This weekend Briercrest also hosts the huge youth conference called Youth Quake, bringing over 1000 kids to campus and hundreds out to watch the games.

The game started off on a quick pace with both teams moving the ball around the court well. After Lethbridge scored the first basket, Briercrest quickly responded with a three-pointer made by Abigael Klassen. Lethbridge kicked it up a notch and started to gain a big lead. Briercrest called timeout at 3-16 to try and kill Lethbridge’s momentum. Briercrest used the timeout well and started to close the gap a bit by making three three-pointers in the quarter. The quarter ended with a score of 28-14 for Lethbridge.

Lethbridge came into the second quarter with the same momentum and continued to increase their lead. Briercrest battled hard and continued to get rebounds under the net, giving them a total of 10 for the quarter. Briercrest continued to show resilience throughout the quarter and work through injuries. The final score for the first half was 54-25 for Lethbridge.

Briercrest came into the second half in hopes of being able to close the gap a bit on Lethbridge. Briercrest took hard shots under the net and continued to try and work through Lethbridge’s defense. They then called timeout at 25-75 to re-cooperate and re-strategize. Youth Quakers then came pouring into the Hangar and filled the stands. Near the end of the quarter Hannah Klassen sunk a three-pointer getting the entire gymnasium roaring.

The final quarter started off well for Briercrest with Lauren Jordan sinking a three-pointer getting the gymnasium pumped again. Briercrest started to close the gap on Lethbridge. Jordan then made back-to-back three-pointers further closing the gap on Lethbridge. Briercrest outscored Lethbridge with 19-16 points for the quarter also giving Briercrest their highest scoring quarter. When the final buzzer rang, the score was 96-54 for Lethbridge.

Hannah Klassen was awarded Player of the Game by Briercrest Director of Human Resources, Rob Schellenberg. Hannah Klassen had a rebound, a steal, two assists, a team high of 15 points and a game high of four three-pointers. Jordan also had a game high of four three-pointers along with Abigael Klassen having a team high of four assists. Amy Wanvig had a team high of seven rebounds along with Charity Mbugua having a team high of three steals.


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