Menís basketball starts off strong but falls to St. Maryís

Posted: February 6, 2016

Today the Briercrest men’s basketball team continued to help make some noise for mental health in Margaret P. Reimer Memorial Stadium as they took on St. Mary’s.

The game started off with both teams consistently scoring back-and-forth. The game constantly stayed tied making for an intense quarter. Briercrest worked hard to ensure they made their shots giving them a shooting percentage of 60% and a total of 10 rebounds. Briercrest kept St. Mary’s close to them as the trailed behind them by having tight defense. The first quarter ended with a score of 23-19 for St. Mary’s.

Briercrest came into the second quarter with even more momentum allowing them to close the gap on St. Mary’s. This put pressure on St. Mary’s forcing them into a timeout at 26-25 for them. Briercrest continued to stay close behind making St. Mary’s feel uncomfortable and calling timeout again at 41-39 so they could try to increase their lead. Briercrest soon called timeout for themselves at 39-42 so they could re-strategize and try to gain the lead. Briercrest was unable to gain the lead in the two quarter but ended with a close score of 42-39.

Briercrest came into the second half of the game ready to go and quickly tied it up. Then Zak Tamlin put Briercrest in the lead when he sunk a three-pointer. St. Mary’s responded by pushing through Briercrest’s defense and regaining the lead. Briercrest felt the pressure and called time out in hopes of being able to kill St. Mary’s momentum. St. Mary’s maintained their lead all the way till the end of the third quarter ending it off with a score of 68-72.

St. Mary’s continued to build off their lead in the final quarter causing Briercrest to call timeout at 81-73. Briercrest battled hard throughout the final quarter and continued to execute certain plays to try and push through St. Mary’s defense. Unfortunately, Briercrest was unable to close the gap and regain the lead giving them a final score of 79-96.

Zak Tamlin was awarded Player of the Game. Tamlin had six rebounds and one assist along with a team high of three three-pointers and a game high of 25 points. Ethan DaSilva had a team high of 12 rebounds and a game high of 13 assists.

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