Kassi Reimer hired as inaugural Women's Soccer Head Coach

Posted: February 1, 2016

Briercrest Athletics is proud to announce the hiring of Kassi Reimer as the inaugural coach of the Briercrest women’s soccer team, which will begin training Fall 2016!

Briercrest Athletic Director Nigel Mullan is excited to have Reimer join the Briercrest coaching staff.

“When looking for the right person to lead we wanted to find someone that had experience either competing or coaching at a level that we would love to get to,” Mullan explained. “I believe we found that in coach Kassi Reimer.  She is going to bring her experience as a soccer player in the States and help us get our women’s soccer program off the ground.  I think her desire to see the girls enjoy themselves while developing their skills with be a huge attribute that will make her a great coach.”

After living all over North America since high school graduation, Reimer, who grew up in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, moved to Caronport this past Spring.

“In the last few years I have moved from Newberg, Oregon, to Omaha, Nebraska and then home to
Chilliwack, BC, and now to Caronport, SK,” she explained. “Going to university has been the reason for most of the transitions, besides the last move, which was for my husband, Korey.”
“I studied Biology at George Fox University and played soccer there for a Div 3 NCAA team,” she continued. “Following my biology degree I decided to pursue nursing, which I found myself doing in Omaha, Nebraska. There I studied at Creighton University and I graduated with my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree. I am now working as a Registered Nurse at the Moose Jaw Hospital.”
Reimer shared about her soccer career.
“In high school I played for a Metro soccer team, which was the highest caliber of soccer for my age group in Chilliwack,” she explained. “I had the opportunity to play a year up, which helped me to be more challenged. I also had the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands to play soccer with a soccer academy in Chilliwack. After playing year round for many years, my dream of playing college soccer was fulfilled when I attended George Fox. I had opportunities to coach different soccer camps while in high school and also in college.”
“I thought I had missed my opportunity of being a soccer coach when I went to nursing school, and changed my career path from being a teacher,” Reimer continued. “But, it's crazy how the Lord works, that He has found some way for me to do both nursing and coaching.”

Reimer has many connections at Briercrest, including her husband, Korey, who is a men’s Residence Director.

“Although I never formally attended Briercrest, my husband and two brothers have, as well as my brother's wife and my other brother's fiancé,” she said. “Although, now that I am living in Caronport, I plan on auditing some classes from the College and/or Seminary.”
Reimer has big dreams for the Briercrest soccer team.
“I am very excited about the opportunity to coach the women's JV soccer team at Briercrest,” she said. “I have such a passion for the game, and I am looking forward to being a part of a team that loves the game, but also loves each other well. I am dreaming of a team that is competitive for the sport but also compassionate and loving towards one another. I am excited to dive into the technical aspects of soccer and be able to help develop the skills of the women on the team. I am excited to make this next year a lot of fun, but in combination with a lot of growth both as a soccer player and as a Christ follower. It's an amazing opportunity to be an athlete and a student, developing character and being able to compete doing something we love.”


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