Menís Volleyball defeats Olds in three high-energy sets

Posted: January 29, 2016

The evening started off with Briercrest fans having a pep rally in the Hangar to get the fans and the Briercrest men’s volleyball team pumped. The men took on Olds College.

Briercrest beat Olds in three intense sets 3-0 (25-16, 25-22, 25-20).

The match started off with both teams fighting back-and-forth for points. Briercrest soon took the lead causing Olds to call timeout at 15-11. Briercrest continued to make key offensive plays allowing them to keep the lead. Olds then called timeout at 22-16 in hopes of being able to close the gap. Unable to close the gap, Olds fell to Briercrest in the first set 25-16.

The second set started off the same as the first set with both teams going back-and-forth and then Briercrest taking the lead. Olds called two timeouts to try and gain their own new momentum. Olds accomplished what they needed to do and closed the gap a bit. This caused Briercrest to call timeout at 21-19. Briercrest was able to keep the lead though allowing them to win 25-22 and have a 2-0 set lead.

Briercrest took a big lead in the third set to get the Hangar ringing with cheers. Olds then called timeout at 11-6 in hopes of killing Briercrest’s momentum so they could gain the lead and force another set. Olds came out of the timeout with a bit more energy to allow them to close the gap. With the end drawing near, Olds called timeout again at 18-14. Briercrest kept up their defensive and offensive plays allowing them to carry their lead to the end and claim the final set. The score was 25-20, which gave Briercrest the game win.

Taylor Klassen was awarded Player of the Game by Briercrest’s Athletic Alumni Coordinator, Josh Stigall. Klassen had almost all the game highs, which included 15 kills, three service aces, nine digs, and two blocks. Mitch Erikson tied Klassen with a game high of three service aces. Joel Rosewarm also tied Klassen with a game high two blocks. Carter Reimer had a game high of 33 assists.

Briercrest swept Olds in the stats category with 35-31 kills, 34-27 assists, 10-0 service aces, 37-31 digs, and 6-4 blocks.

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