Block brings intelligence and maturity to Briercrest basketball team

Posted: January 15, 2016

Returning guard, Theo Block, is in his second year at Briercrest pursuing a Certificate in Biblical Studies. He wanted to study the Bible here because he sees education as life-training, not simply job-training. Bible school has helped to define who he is and who he will be over the course of his life.

Theo’s favourite part of attending Briercrest is the fact that friends are all around all the time. Having lived outside of the district area for his high school years, he did not get a chance to socialize much outside of sports. In contrast, Briercrest’s dorm/student life has not only been convenient, but has also been where he has met quality people and friendships that will genuinely last for life.

Theo shared what is special about the team here at Briercrest.

“Our team is so young for a college team, and we’re just learning how the intense competitive nature of basketball, and the passion that comes with it, relates to Christian living,” he said. “There is so much opportunity to live out the meaningful difference that Christ makes, to be an example for younger peers, and to opposing teams.”

One of Theo’s biggest strengths is his ability to respond to situations logically instead of reacting emotionally. This is of great leadership value, as he gives priority to finding the “correct” or the “wise” response in every situation and then tries to channel his emotions and the emotions of those around him appropriately.

As a student, Theo says that he wants to see how far he can push himself.

“Is grad school that difficult?” he asked. “Is engineering difficult? How far can I go before it becomes a blind ambition?”

As an athlete, he feels this will likely be the last year of his competitive career. He has loved using sports to glorify God and spend time with people that he cares about.

After Briercrest, Theo is applying to MIT for Astronautical Engineering. He is looking forward to this venture, and he comments that “the sky isn’t even the limit anymore, so I am pretty curious what is.”

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