Deklerk brings a smooth shot and positive energy to women’s basketball

Posted: November 21, 2015

Lauren Deklerk (#14) provides a great deal of positive energy, emotional leadership and scoring prowess in her role as the starting shooting guard for the Briercrest women’s basketball team this year. Honing her skills at Leduc Composite under the coaching guidance of her father and grandfather, Lauren was attracted to come to Briercrest because of its reputation for rigorous learning and because of the opportunity to play basketball with young women who share her Christian values. Currently, she is pursuing a Humanities degree with a concentration in History. When reflecting on some of her favourite aspects of Briercrest, Lauren cites the enormous fun she had with her hall mates on Whit 1 in her second year as well as Joy Demoskoff’s 19th century History class.

 “Best moments are hard to pinpoint,” she said. “It’s all been great!”

Overcoming several major injuries over the past years, Lauren is happy to be back on the court in full force. She is particularly excited to be a part of a very special team whose members have all bought in to the goals and philosophy of the program.

She appreciates the unifying faith of her team-mates.

“I love them all,” she exclaims. “Everybody brings something really positive, but different, to the table.”

Personally, her goal at Briercrest is to work as hard as she can at both her academic and athletic endeavors while enjoying the people in the process. When not on the court, she loves to talk History and Philosophy. On the court, she loves to rain down threes. With an ultra-smooth delivery, Lauren is one of the purest shooters on the team with the ability to hit from deep beyond the arc.

After Briercrest, Lauren hopes to be a History teacher at the post-secondary level as well as contribute to some sort of historical research. She also aspires to continue her great passion of coaching club or high school basketball.

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