Bruce brings energy and encouragement to Briercrest women’s volleyball

Posted: November 14, 2015

Middle, Kathleen Bruce has a big personality and a bigger heart. She considers her biggest strength to be her outgoing and loving personality. Off court and on court, she naturally brings a lot of encouragement and energy.  She is always striving to continue to learn about God and to be a light to others, especially to other teams we play against.

This is her second year, and it was her love for volleyball and hunger to know God that drew her to Briercrest. She always keeps with her the words of her older sister, Rebecca: “the things I learn here at Briercrest are setting me up for the rest of my life.”

Bruce is currently taking General Studies, but has the end goal of pursuing a Bachelor of Education at the University of Regina to become a qualified high school calculus teacher.

She has had some great fun at Briercrest so far, her favourite moment being “geocoaching with the crew”, but also has some big dreams for the future. As an athlete, Bruce would love to bring home the gold medal with her team. And if nothing was holding her back, her goal would be “to be an outfitter up north in the middle of the woods” after her time at Briercrest.

It has been a great season so far and that is attributed to the special unity that the team has this year.

According to Bruce, “It is evident in each one of my teammates’ lives that God is their saviour, and it shows through their love for the people around them. I know I can turn to any person on this team without doubting their full love, support, and honesty.”

She feels blessed to be “surrounded by wonderful people all the time”.

Kathleen Bruce never fails to leave it all on the court and brings an infectious fire and energy. We give her our full support, and we wish her and the women’s volleyball team continued success as they finish out this year.

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