Spotlight - Brett Mitchell

Posted: November 12, 2015

Brett Mitchell, Briercrest Alumnus of the Worship Arts program in 2012, was significantly involved in the Christmas productions at Briercrest. From 2008-2014, Brett partook in the productions: Sparkling Water, Saints of Crooked Creek, and Love's Pilgrimage, to name just a few. He first got involved in music at age 4, but began his journey with singing in high school at Western Christian Highschool in Regina. In 2008, he transferred to Briercrest with the intention of pursuing vocal performance. Under the instruction of Ron de Jager, he was able to learn many valuablelessons and skills, which have helped him to advance his career as a singer. “Ron was the one who really instilled a passion for my excellence in music,” says Brett, “I would say that working with him was truly the highlight of my time in the musical.”

When reflecting on his experience on how being in the production has prepared him, Brett says “my time spent in this production really prepared me for performing in semi-professional and professional settings. The rehearsal and backstage atmosphere is very professional and I learned how to be efficient and useful in the rehearsal process. I also learned quite a few skills from being involved in these productions that I never expected to acquire during my time at Briercrest. On top of the performing skills that I gained, I also learned to sew costumes, do stage makeup and hair; build sets, and make/gather props. I have used all of these skills in the recent months and have been able to bless others by putting them to use.”

An encouragement that Brett would give to someone pursuing the arts is “to look to God for your strength. As performers we are constantly laying ourselves bare. It is a very vulnerable (and sometimes frightening) position to be in. The joke is that singers are made up of 10% narcissism and 90% crippling self-doubt, but there is some truth to it. smooth fm radio tsf We are constantly doubting ourselves and continually working towards some form of perfection. For me, it always helps to remember that God is in control, that he is perfect and full of grace. 

The second piece of advice I would give to anybody perusing a career in performance is: go and practice.”