Mark Langford is a key component on defense for Briercrest

Posted: November 6, 2015

It would be difficult to find another student-athlete at Briercrest who more consistently models what it means to compete in sport as a Christian than Mark Langford.

The second year defenseman from Fort Collins, Colorado is completing an Associate of Arts in Experiential Ministry at Briercrest, and he has enjoyed his time with Briercrest.

"My brother Stephen invited me to come and play college hockey with him," explains Mark, "I felt like it would be a great opportunity to grow in my relationship with him and enjoy the perks of playing college hockey at a Christian school."

An all-round natural athlete, Mark was able to make the jump into the ACAC despite some considerable time spent away from hockey.

"Before [2014/2015] my last time playing competitive hockey was 2008 when I graduated high school. I like to think that although I wasn't playing hockey in those years my age and maturity come into play," says Mark. "I really appreciate the culture of a Christian hockey team. It doesn't mean that we are perfect but it means we are aware of our shortcomings and look to Jesus to help us. On and off the ice we are men who are aiming to become the best versions of ourselves as God created."

Mark has developed into a steady defenseman for Briercrest. He plays a responsible, clean game, and is a fearless shot blocker. His continual progression last season won him the team's Most Improved Player award. A highlight for him last season was being able to share the ice with his brother, as well as winning against Portage on one of the final home weekends of the year.

After Briercrest, Mark would like to be a full time missionary. He shares his motivation for embarking on this path.

"I would like to better portray the truths about who God is and of His love for us, so that more people experience life in relationship with God, without being deterred by the popular false representations of His character."

Briercrest is proud to have Mark as a representative, and wishes him every success in his future endeavours.

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