The Beginnings of Briercrest

Posted: October 9, 2015

On October 19, 1935 Briercrest Bible Institue began without pretension with 11 students enrolled! Today, on October 2015, Briercrest has a total of 719 students between Briercrest College and Seminary, Caronport Highschool, campus alternatives and partnerships. 

The beginning journey of Briercrest Bible Institute was a true work of faith as no board, room, or tuition fees were charged, nor were the teachers paid. The school subsisted on the food donated by local believers who loved the school and gave freely.


-Within the first five years of Briercrest Bible Institute enrollment substantially increased from 11 students to 110 in 1940.

-Youth Quake, formerly known as Midwest Youth Retreat, held its first retreat in November 1963 with 500 participants.

-In the very early history of Briercrest there was a unique spiritual awakening that swept across Saskatchewan and Alberta that was greatly influenced through the effectiveness of radio outreach. Briercrest explored TV and video programming of their choirs, sermons and special features. In May 1937, Henry Hildebrand led the broadcast the "Young People's Hour" that was very popular and was extended to 22 stations across Canada during the war years.

-In April 1973, Briercrest was accepted as a full member of the American Association of Bible Colleges and was rated the twelfth among eighty-three accredited AABC Bible colleges in that regard.

IN 1983, Briercrest launched a summer graduate school offering master's degrees in Christian administration, Christian ministries and biblical studies.

This 80th anniversary of Briercrest's mission is a witness to the strength of the gospel, the beauty of Christian community and God's faithfulness in helping his people seek His Kingdom.