Hardworking Tippe leads by example

Posted: February 21, 2015

Josh Tippe is in his second year at Briercrest and after moving up from red-shirt status on the team during last season, he has played consistent minutes this season at point guard.  He is one of three of our players to have played in all our games up to this point, and his consistent play has placed him in the top 5 of scorers on our team when looking at overall points this season.  Josh’s work ethic, which includes a first-in-the-gym and last-to-leave mentality, has been an encouragement and challenge to all his teammates.  He is constantly working on his basketball skills, and playmaking abilities.

Josh, who is affectionately known as Tippe, is studying Psychology.  Coach Adrian sees him as, “a fantastic teammate who often goes out of his way to help others in need, whether it’s a ride to the airport or offering a helping hand.  He’s been a great support to those around him, and he will often lend his encouraging words at times when teammates need to hear them.”

Coach Adrian goes on to say, “Tippe has improved tremendously as a player and young man during the time that I have known him.  He’s always played with determination, and holds himself to a very high standard on the court.  As he has worked hard, I have seen great progress in his mental toughness, and his basketball skills.  He has been placed into many situations where he is asked to guard the quickest player on the other team and he always rises to the challenge.  Running the team on the offensive end has meant that he needs to lead, and I have seen a great progression from a young freshman on the redshirt squad to a valuable contributor who has started seven games so for this season.  Tippe is always working on ways to get better, and I see him challenging himself in every practice, whether it’s a dribble move or free throws.  He has been a pleasure to coach because I can always count on him to work hard and take instruction.  I am so thankful to know Josh, be his coach, and to count him as a friend.”

Watch for Tippe to lock down the opponent with his solid defense, and then flash up the court with great crossover moves to set someone up.  He’ll be “running the show” as our point guard, making tough floaters in the lane, finding the open teammate, and knocking down 3’s.  Don’t blink, because you might miss him.


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