Anderson hopes to leave lasting legacy as finishes her time at Briercrest

Posted: February 14, 2015

In her final year, Erin Anderson's leadership and experience proves to be crucial to the success of the Briercrest women’s volleyball team. The middle player will be graduating this year with a Humanities degree, majoring in History with a minor in Kinesiology.  

Influence from the family originally brought Anderson to Briercrest.

“My mom is an alumnus of Caronport High School so I had already heard great things about this school and when I was contacted by Nolan to come for a recruiting trip in my senior year of high school my mom encouraged me to go check out the school,” Anderson explained. “After visiting the campus and practicing with the team I felt that this was exactly where I was supposed to be.”

Her favourite moment thus far was watching her little brother, Josh Anderson score the first goal of the season for the Briercrest hockey team last year.

As a student-athlete, Anderson works hard to maintain both good grades, and good court performance.

“As a student, I just cannot wait to graduate this semester!” she said. “I want to finish these final classes strong and take in as much as I can from the professors that I have been so fortunate to learn from throughout my five years here. As an athlete, I want to complete this season knowing I worked as hard as I could and did everything in my power to bring our team success.”

Anderson explained the dynamic of the team as unique, because she has had the chance to develop strong life-long friendships over the years. She said the team is not only a group of athletes working towards a championship win, but also a group of women who really love each other and desire the best for one another.

“We don’t just want athletic success for our teammates but we deeply care about the personal battles or triumphs that our teammates are experiencing and we long to see each other grow in our relationships with God,” she said. “We are unified under the life and direction of Jesus Christ and there is no stronger bonding agent than the love of Christ.”

Anderson has a strong ability to relate to the girl’s on the team, and share her experiences through her leadership.

“I think that it is a gift that I get to lead my teammates and share some wisdom that God has given me through those experiences.”

After Briercrest, Anderson will be pursuing a Bachelor in Elementary Education at University of Saskatchewan.

“If nothing was holding me back I would love to do some travelling and go see some of the places that I have spent so much time learning about here at Briercrest.”


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