Passion. Drive. Fire. Wendy.

Posted: February 13, 2015

Josh Wendel – 5th Year - #8 – Middle Blocker – Caronport, SK – BA Humanities

Mr. Josh Wendel, also commonly referred to as ‘Wendy’  is known for many things when it comes to his involvement with Briercrest MVB: passion for the game, drive to achieve success and fire to be the best. In his fifth and final year for the Briercrest men’s volleyball team, Wendel has brought all of these attributes to the lineup more and more each year.

During his five years, Wendel has given his absolute all to the team, program and school. Wendel’s ability to play different positions has been crucial in the team’s success in the past and present. His talents have drawn the attention of the league in the past number of years as he has being recognized as a First and Second-Team All-Conference selection as well as obtaining Briercrest College’s  Athlete of the Year in April 2014.

Wendel’s impact on the team goes deeper than just his ecstatic court presence, as he strives to see the program as a whole grow into a complete success in all angles. For this BA Humanities undergrad student, graduation is fast approaching this April and some highlights over his career here at Briercrest include: Winning the ACAC gold medal in 2010-11, hosting the ACAC conference provincials in 2011-12 and finally hosting the CCAA Nationals in his fourth year in front of the amazing Briercrest home crowd at the Yara Centre in Moose Jaw, SK.

Post-graduation, Wendel has a special date set to be married to current women’s Briercrest volleyball star, Amanda Lundquist. The two Briercrest volleyballers are planning to move to Saskatoon to follow the Lord’s calling in their future plans with work and life. We wish you two the best in your future endeavors.

Quick Facts:

Favorite Food: Cola

Favorite Verse: Proverbs 1:7

Favorite Sports Team: We The North – Toronto Raptors

Place of Residence: Spiketown

Favorite Class: Spiritual Formation


Thanks Josh for pouring your heart and soul into your five years here at Briercrest!!

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