Wanvig shines as women’s basketball unable to make up for slow first half

Posted: February 6, 2015

This evening the Briercrest women’s basketball team faced the St. Mary’s University Lightning in a tough battle filled with high intensity and many high points in the game. The game ended with the visitors taking the lead with a final score of 88-46. Briercrest played a game

The opening quarter began with Briercrest playing a strong offensive with good ball movement. Tracy Frimpong continued her new trend of threes and got one early on in the game. Brooke Olmstead drove the ball to the net several times and even forced a charge call on the other team. The first quarter ended with a score of 24-9 for St. Mary’s.

Briercrest’s Amy Wanvig was the first to get a basket in the second quarter, followed by two more shortly after by her again. Marisa Hartman hit a three-pointer at the half mark in the second quarter. The second quarter ended with the Lightning still holding the lead with a score of 55-25.

Briercrest came into the second half playing a strong offensive game with great ball movement, Lauren Janzen hit a two-point shot and Olmstead continued to drive the ball to the net with success. St. Mary’s continued to have the lead with a score of 77-38.

The fourth and final quarter was not the strongest of them all, but they continued to work hard and force the Lightning to play just as hard. Wanvig and Olmstead added points for Briercrest consistently and Brittany Boschman played a strong defensive quarter.

The Player of the Game for St. Mary’s was Montana Romeril and for Briercrest was Amy Wanvig with 13 points, 12 rebounds and 2 assists. Tracy Frimpong had 10 points, Brooke Olmstead had 9 rebounds and 8 points, and Marisa Hartman had 3 steals.

The Briercrest women’s team will take on St. Mary’s again tomorrow at 1:00PM here in the Briercrest gym. If you are unable to make the game, watching the online broadcaster to support Briercrest can always be an option through acac.tv.  

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