Men’s volleyball completes the weekend sweep of Olds

Posted: January 31, 2015

At 3:00 the Briercrest men’s volleyball team faced off for a fourth time this season against the Olds College Broncos. Last night, Briercrest handedly won 3-0 and looked to do the same thing today. Both teams came ready to play, Briercrest needing to seal off this weekends games with a sweep as they quickly approach the playoffs.

The first set saw an early Briercrest lead; they capitalized off of some unforced errors by the Broncos and utilizing accurate assists from veteran setter Carter Reimer. Jachin Karg served with strength to push their lead to 8-2. Olds made excellent hustle plays, giving themselves opportunities to serve their way back into competing with Briercrest. Attacks from Jonah Johnson, Josh Wendel, and Zach Ens denied any chance of the Broncos fighting back, the first set ending with a score of 25-15 for the Briercrest team.

The second set opened with strong offensive play from Briercrest, in particular Karg and Joel Rosewarn.  Regular serving powerhouse Johnson casued some havoc early on in the set, alongside momentum building hustle plays from his teammates. The Broncos trailed but stayed active, extending the Briercrest defensive with well placed hits and free-balls. They kept the defecit small, fluctuating between two and three points.  Briercrest’s defense intensified after a time out call, offering a tremendous blocking pair of Ens and Wendel. Briercrest secured the lead for the remainder of the set, dominating in various aspects of the game. The final score was 25-15, Briercrest taking 2 sets to Olds’ 0.

The third and final set of the weekend, proved to show a little more Olds resiliency. Forunately, with Briercrest’s strong veteran presence, they pushed through relying heavily on Ens’ hitting, blocking, and serving. Maintaining the disiciplined manner previously shown by Briercrest was difficult as Olds increased their level of play. Similar to the second set, the deficit rarely was more than a three-four point spread all the way through. Wendel and Riemer provided a front row presence unparalleled on the Olds side,  allowing for their lead to build. Finally, Johnson’s serve and Wendel’s ability to finish plays made the set 25-18 and Briercrest win of 3-0.

The player of the game for the Olds College Broncos was Zack Deacon. For Briercrest, Player of the Game was, with 2 aces, 7 digs, and 6 kills, Jonah Johnson. Zac Ens had a team high 11 kills, Caretr Reimer had a game high 33 assists, Jachin Karg had a game high 4 service aces and 11 digs and Josh Wendel had a game high 11 digs.The men’s volleyball team won all six sets this weekend which they hope to continue at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary next weekend.

If you are unable to make the game, you can access the game through the online broadcaster at Support Briercrest as they make the 2015 playoff run!


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