MacKinnon brings hard hitting, clean game to Briercrest hockey

Posted: January 24, 2015

Mark MacKinnon is one of the more rugged pillars of the Briercrest Clippers defense corps. The 6'4" native of La Salle, Manitoba is known by opponents league-wide to be hard to play against and is one of six Clippers to have played all 32 games last season. 

Mark is enrolled in the Business Administration program, with a minor in Kinesiology, here at Briercrest. His goal as a student is to get the all-academic athletes award, given to student-athletes with a GPA above 3.50. 

Mark practices and plays with a unique mix of ferocity and honour. He knocks around opponents with relative ease and delights in doing so, yet the scarcity of his penalty minutes helps to show that he plays a clean game. Mark's loyalty is appreciated by all this teammates, and he comments on his appreciation of that quality throughout the team: "I have 25 friends that I can talk to about any problems that might be going on at the moment."

Asked about his favourite moments at Briercrest, Mark talks about the atmosphere at the Barkman.

"Stepping out on the ice that first game during Youth Quake and seeing Barkman packed and loud- it was exhilarating to say the least."

While he wouldn't say no if the pro leagues come knocking, Mark talks about some of his other future plans.

"I would love to work at a hockey camp program and work with kids to develop their hockey skills and relationship with Christ."

Briercrest is grateful to have Mark as a representative, and wishes him success in all his endeavours.


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