High flying Apakoh having impact in rookie season

Posted: January 24, 2015

Julian Apakoh, #18, is in his first year at Briercrest and has made a splash with his athleticism, versatility, competitiveness, and infectious smile. Julian comes to us from London, England. However, he has local high school roots as his family immigrated to Regina and he attended Harvest City Christian School. We have the privilege to watch a rising star – literally – as his high flying attacks on the rim are truly amazing.  Due to the many injuries that we have suffered as a team, he has also played virtually every position and though a true freshman he has maintained a starting spot on the roster. Julian likes to compete hard and “wears his emotions on his sleeve” which makes it easy to observe how he’s doing.  Don’t let his toughness fool you, because his smile brings a lot of joy, and on the team we know him as a caring and thoughtful young man.

Coach Adrian goes on to say, “It has been a real joy of mine to be witness of the progression that Julian has made in moving up to the college level, and gaining confidence to play meaningful minutes. I look forward to seeing him embrace his competitive drive, and align it with his athleticism – and produce an unstoppable force on the court. One of the things that I appreciate about Julian is the way that he battles and yet is sensitive to those around him. That means that you’ll often see him knock someone down in the battle for a loose ball, then immediately pick them up – with a smile. I’ve known Julian for a couple of years, and it’s a privilege to bear witness to his growth on and off the court as a fine young man.”

Julian is averaging 12 points and 5 rebounds a game up to this point, which ranks him third on the team in both of those categories – a remarkable achievement for a freshman player. 

Watch for Julian galloping down the court looking to attack the rim with ferocity. You’ll see him working hard on the defensive end with a big wingspan that makes it difficult for players to get around. And look for that smile which breaks through revealing the joy that he has to be doing something that he loves.

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