Anderson brings relentless 100 percent effort to Briercrest hockey team

Posted: January 10, 2015

Josh Anderson wears #11 and is in his second year with the Briercrest hockey program. He brings passion and a relentless style of play to the team and one that can be counted on to give 100 percent in everything he does. He brings an energy and excitement to the rink every day.  

While he had a sister already here it at Briercrest playing volleyball, it was his own journey of knowing that it as a place that God wanted him to be that brought him to the school.  

One of his highlights so far has been a focused day of prayer last year.  It was a special day for him as it reminded him as to the deepest reasons for being here at Briercrest.

Josh comments about his team that the most important thing he has experienced is the brotherhood. 

“I can trust every single one of these guys to have my back and be there when I need someone to talk to or pray with,” he explained. “We are a very tight knit group, and the reason we are so tightly knit is because we all have a common goal, which is to grow in our faith and do our best in every aspect of life, not just hockey.” 

For Josh this includes excelling in his studies as well as on the ice.  He has high goals for both and is certainly putting in the effort needed to achieve them. 

Being a part of this program and school has helped him understand the need to grow in and hold on to his faith despite the ups and downs of life or even in the game. The journey is not always easy but committing to it despite not always ‘feeling’ it.

“When I leave Briercrest I hope to become an elementary school teacher as well as an active member of a church,” Anderson said. “I would like to counsel camp as long as I can because I love telling kids about God’s everlasting love and seeing Him work in the lives of these young people. I would also love to move to a third world country for a period of time and teach elementary-age kids.”  

While Josh isn’t always the loudest voice in the locker room, he has important things to share when he does.  He is a leader who is led by God and we are excited to see where that journey will take him.