Kooyman brings strong serve and passion to Briercrest women’s volleyball

Posted: January 10, 2015

In her second year, Regan Kooyman’s strong serves, enthusiasm and passion for the game helps drive the Briercrest women’s volleyball team to victory.

The Business student was first drawn to Briercrest for a variety of different reasons.

“I came to Briercrest to play volleyball, go further in my walk with God and have a really fun college experience” she explained. “I heard a lot of good things about the college from people who had come here before me.”

Amongst her favourite moments, claiming victory over Red Deer this past semester, and road trips with the teams were highlights.

When asked about what made the team at Briercrest special Kooyman replied, “There are so many great friends on the team. The dynamic is great and everyone is so talented and positive.”

Kooyman works hard as both a student, and an athlete with the intent of working to the best of her ability and developing new perspective.

“I want to keep developing my skills and having fun on a great team in a great sport”.  

After Briercrest, Kooyman would like to travel and experience new cultures, while continuing to follow God’s path for her life. If nothing was holding her back, she dreams of becoming a billionaire.

Briercrest wishes you the best of luck this season!