Briercrest falls just short in another tight game with Red Deer

Posted: December 5, 2014

Briercrest faced Red Deer for a rematch on Friday, December 5 after Briercrest played with perseverance but lost to Red Deer on Thursday.  The first quarter began with Habib Habib who took a steal and added a layup. Josh Tippe added two points to the scoreboard with an assist from Josh Klassen, 6-4 for Red Deer. Julian Apakoh put up a three pointer with an assist from Drew Schulz, 8-7 for Red Deer. Briercrest then turned the ball over which created an opportunity for Red Deer to put up two points , 10-9 for Red Deer. Apakoh with a step-back jumper. Briercrest took the lead with a layup from Schulz 11-10. Keon with the dish to Apakoh in the inside laying it up and fouled for the and-one. Apakoh hit the free throw 14-10 for Briercrest. Schulz put in another layup, 16-13 for Briercrest. Habib took two fouls and made both free throws, 18-15 for Briercrest which concluded the first quarter.

Second quarter: Schulz added an easy layup 20-19 for Briercrest. Apakoh put up a three pointer, 25-25. Jared Wicks put up a three 28-33 for Red Deer. Briercrest took a time out after Red Deer managed to pull forward at 36-30 for Red Deer. Apakoh gave Briercrest two points. Briercrest turned the ball over, leaving the halftime score 41-32 for Red Deer.

The third quarter started with Habib who took a foul and made the shot 53-40 for Red Deer. Briercrest took a timeout after Red Deer sped ahead. Tippe made both his foul shots 65-48 for Red Deer. 67-48 ended the third quarter.

Fourth quarter: Briercrest pushed to put up more points but Red Deer remained strong, 72-54 for Red Deer. Habib took a foul and made both shots. Julian put up a layup, 72-58 for Red Deer. Habib put up two easy layups in a row, 77-64 Briercrest not too far behind. Schulz followed with a layup, 77-68 for Red Deer which made the last few minutes a close call. Briercrest took a timeout after Red Deer put in a couple more points. Wicks drove through the key and put up a layup 79-70 for Red Deer. The match concluded 79-70 for Red Deer.

Players of the game were Mike Zurakowski for Red Deer and Julian Apakoh for Briercrest. Apakoh had a team high 21 points to go with seven rebounds and an assist. Other notable players for Briercerst were Drew Schulz with a team high 11 rebounds and four assists to go with 10 points and a steal, and Habib Habib with 16 points and six rebounds.

Briercrest outrebounded Red Deer 39-37. Red Deer had the edge in assists 22-10, blocks 4-1 and steals 16-7.

Briercrest's next game will be January 16 at Medicine Hat College.

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