Briercrest falls short after third quarter Medicine Hat surge

Posted: November 15, 2014

Briercrest fans gathered in the Hanger to watch the rematch of the Briercrest Clippers and the Medicine Hat Rattlers on November 15, 2014. After being defeated by Medicine Hat Friday night, Briercrest hopes to make an incredible comeback. As the first quarter commenced, Julian Apakoh took the jump ball and Ryan Penner followed through a layup which gained the first points 2-0 for Briercrest. Josh Tippe took a foul and made one shot. Brirecrest came ready to work with Josh Klassen dribbled up the key to contribute more points 5-0 for Briercrest. The Rattlers finally added a layup which changed the scoreboard to 5-2. Brendon Adrian supported with another layup 9-7 for Briercrest. Penner, known for his smooth three-pointers, also added one to change the score 12-9 for Briercrest. Briercrest took a timeout after the Rattlers slowly caught up with four minutes left in the first quarter 12-11 for Briercrest. Julian Apakoh took a foul and made one free throw 13-11 for Briercrest. Drew Schulz took a foul and made the second free throw shot 14-16 for the Rattlers. Schulz took another foul after being hit from the ball, which ended the first quarter 15-19 for the Rattlers.

Second quarter: Apakoh put in a couple of points 17-26 for the Rattlers. Apakoh passed to Klassen and Klassen added two points. Tippe put up a three 22-26 for the Rattlers with Briercrest not too far behind. Penner went in for a layup and gained a couple of points for Briercrest. Briercrest then turned the ball over which Briercrest eventually took back 24-32 for the Rattlers. Apakoh added another layup 28-34 for the Rattlers which ended the second quarter.

The third quarter began Penner who took a foul and made both free throw shots 30-34 for the Rattlers. The Rattlers put in a couple more points as Briercrest forced pressures to block shots. Tippe took a free throw and made both free throws 32-43 for the Rattlers. Briercrest fought for the ball after the Rattlers made a steal and succeeded with Penner who put in a layup 34-48 for the Rattlers. Schulz took a foul and made both shots 36-52 for the Rattlers. Keon Bennett put up a two and made it 38-56 for the Rattlers. Apakoh added a three with fifty seconds left of the third quarter. Apakoh later took a foul and made both shots 43-58 for the Rattlers which concluded the third quarter.

Theo Block started the fourth quarter off strong by banking a three pointer to make the score 45-60 for Medicine Hat. After a few turnovers from Briercrest, Apakoh took a foul and made his free throw. Tippe also took a foul and made his shot 50-66 for the Rattlers. Shulz took a foul and made both free throws 52-70 for the Rattlers. Jared Wicks grabbed a rebound out of the air which gave the ball back to Briercrest and Penner went in for a layup and cleared it 56-70 for the Rattlers. The game concluded 58-72 for the Rattlers. Julian Apakoh was crowned player of the game with a team high six rebounds to go with 15 points, one steal and an assist.

Ryan Penner led Briercrest with a game high 17 points, Josh Klassen had a team high three assists and Drew Schulz has a game high four steals.Briercrest won the turnover battle with 12 steals to Medicine Hat’s six, but Medicine Hat won the rebound battle 38-24, assists 18-8, and blocks 3-0. Medicine had shot 52.8% (28-53) from the field while Briercrest shot 31.3% (19-61).

Briercrest has a bye week before hosting Red Deer College Nov. 28-29.

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