After a strong start Briercrest falls to Medicine Hat

Posted: November 14, 2014

The Briercrest men’s basketball team took on the Medicine Hat Rattlers on November 14, 2014.

As the first quarter began both teams took time to get the first point but eventually Penner went in for an easy layup. Medicine Hat took a timeout while the scoreboard was tied 2-2. Theo Block swished a three-pointer and tied up the scoreboard again 7-7. Drew Schulz followed with a three-pointer 9-10 for the Rattlers. Briercrest took a timeout 12-11 for Rattlers. The pattern continued with Tippe putting in a three to tie the score 14-14. Penner helped Briercrest take the lead 16-14. Bennett stole the ball to assist Ryan Penner to get some points 19-16 for Briercrest.

Second quarter: Julian Apakoh caught his own rebound and put in a basket to make the score 23-20 for Briercrest. Briercrest stormed through and Penner put in another smooth three-pointer to make the score 28-20 for Briercrest. Briercrest took a timeout after the Rattlers put in a few points, 28-22. Again Penner added another quick three-pointer 31-22 for Briercrest. Briercrest continued to pass admirably and catch as many rebounds as possible. Schultz gained one foul shot after a hit 35-35. The second quarter concluded 37-37.

The third quarter began with Briercrest turning the ball over 39-37 for the Rattlers. Briercrest forced drives to put in points, but the Rattlers pushed back and put up a couple of points 52-37 for the Rattlers. Briercrest took an eager timeout after Medicine Hat seemed to play harder. Briercrest came back with Penner who stole the ball and added an easy breakaway 56-39 for the Rattlers. Schulz added another layup 71-45 for the Rattlers. Schultz took a foul and made both shots to contribute again. On a roll, Drew Schultz banked a three-pointer to end the 3rd quarter 71-51 for Medicine Hat.

Fourth quarter: Apakoh put in a layup and Medicine Hat took a foul 77-57 for the Rattlers. Apahoh put in a three-pointer 86-63 for the Rattlers. Apakoh also took a foul and made both shots. Medicine Hat took a timeout after Briercrest proved to put in a lot of effort. After the timeout Josh Klassen added an extra point, but the game concluded 96-69 for the Rattlers. Penner took Player of the Game honours for Briercerst contributing exceedingly with amazing three-pointers and layups. He gave Briercrest a total of a team high 23 points, two steals and two rebounds. Drew Schultz also played with a lot of force contributing with 15 points and one rebound. Julian Apakoh had a team high eight rebounds.

Briercrest held the advantage in steals 7-5. Medicine Hat held the advantage in rebounds 43-27, assists 26-10 and blocks 2-0.


The Briercrest men’s team takes on the Rattlers again tomorrow at 3pm in the Hangar.

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