Robinson thankful to bring skills to Briercrest

Posted: November 7, 2014

Briercrest women’s volleyball welcomes libero Abigail Robinson back for a second year on the court. The General Studies student was drawn to Briercrest by what the athletic program offered, and the great opportunity to pursue her faith in an academic environment. Robinson’s ability to create energy and effectively communicate on the court has already, and continues, to show her value on the team.

Of the many memories she has made here, Robinson says her favourite moment was the two wins against Grand Prairie last year in our home gym.

What Robinson says sets the Briercrest team apart from other teams is, “our pillars, and what we stand for. I think it is so spectacular that we have the opportunity to be a light to other teams in this league.”

“I’m an extremely competitive and determined player, and I’m totally willing to put in extra hours or whatever it will take to become better,” Robinson explained. “I have a pretty good sense of both the game and the court.”

Academically, Robinson hopes to gain as much knowledge as possible from her classes.

“I know that it is not very often that I will get to have so many knowledgeable teachers willing to help me succeed,” she said.

As an athlete, her goal is to bring everything she can to the team, making it successful both on and off the court.

After her time at Briercrest, Robinson plans to steer towards Children’s Ministry.

“At this point I am really open to whatever opportunities come my way after Briercrest,” she said. “I would really love to be able to travel around the world and have the opportunity to be a light to children providing them with the gospel, and pretty much just be a comforter and a friend wherever, and whenever the opportunity arises.”