LeFave loving his ministry in Toronto

Posted: November 4, 2014

Briercrest alumni Jon LeFave, and his wife Joanna are fully enjoying their ministry in Ontario’s capital.

When Jon LeFave graduated from Briercrest in 2011, ministry was on his mind. Once LeFave was out of Caronport, he took an internship with Toronto Alliance Church that eventually turned into a full time position, a position at which he is entering his third year. 

LeFave credits his time at Briercrest as being foundational in the way he interacts with the people in his life. 

“One of the most significant things I learned at Briercrest,” started LeFave, “was the teaching and mentoring that pushed me towards knowing Jesus and what it means that His Kingdom is here now in some way, and that we’re invited into it.”

“Being able to study the gospels and be rooted and strengthened by the words of Jesus has been invaluable.” added LeFave.

LeFave is a youth pastor in Toronto, ON and has recently moved into a part of Toronto that his church wants to relocate into. This has brought a whole new group of friends to the LeFaves, along with a shift in the way they live.

Moving to a new area has undoubtably brought new challenges to the LeFaves.

“Joanna and I have recently moved into an area in Toronto…that consists of people with many different religious backgrounds and cultures,” said LeFave. “We’re so thankful to live in the community, getting to know people and learning to do life together. It’s been exciting to begin Bible studies with students and friends who have a longstanding family history in many Eastern religions.”

“We certainly see much opposition to the kingdom of God in our area,” continued LeFave, “so, evidence of God’s kingdom often comes through his faithfulness and the pouring out of his spirit, giving hope and perseverance.” 

Along with keeping in contact with influencers from his time at Briercrest such as Dan Gabor and Cal MacFarlane, LeFave counts his relationship with God as what is keeping him moving forward.

“God continues to teach us primarily about the Gospel,” explained LeFave. “What does it mean to follow Jesus, what does it mean to be invited into his kingdom and to work for his kingdom and not our own?”

Through many ups and downs, LeFave has found that he is able to trust the same God that has carried him this far.

“It’s been humbling for sure,” began LeFave, “trusting that difficult situations and seemingly fruitless places are exactly where God would have me, rather than some opportunity that could easily inflate my ego and have nothing to do with the Kingdom of God.” 

“God’s been full of provision for Joanna and I since leaving Briercrest, it’s sweet to testify to that for sure.”