Penner plays all around game in Briercrest loss

Posted: November 1, 2014

Briercrest faced SAIT for a rematch on Saturday, November 1. As the first quarter started Briercrest received the first point and SAIT responded by tieing up the scoreboard 3-3. Briercrest and SAIT began the game with the score going back and forth before SAIT pulled ahead after several Briercrest turnovers. Penner helped out Briercrest by putting in several three-pointers early on. Keon Bennett put in a layup and made a free-throw which changed the score to 15-11 for SAIT. After SAIT scored the next five points, Drew Schulz made two free throws to cut the score 20-13 for SAIT as Briercrest played aggressive to get rebounds. SAIT scored the next two points and Briercrest took a timeout. Julian Apakoh shot a two-pointer and made it which helped Briercrest bring the score to 28-15 for SAIT. The first quarter ended with SAIT taking advantage 32-16.

With SAIT up 43-18, Taran Garchinski stopped the SAIT run and put in a three-pointer to make it 43-21. The teams exchanged baskets to make the score 49-25 for SAIT. Schulz rebounded for Briercrest and both teams exchanged baskets and free throws for the remainder of the half to make the score 56-30 for SAIT.

SAIT continued to play strong opening the third quarter with a 9-2 run until Keon Bennett stole the ball for an easy layup for Josh Klassen. At 68-34 for SAIT Briercrest took a time out. Coming out of the timeout Bennett got a layup and took an offensive foul. Josh Tippe put in a layup and the score was 72-38 for SAIT. Julian Apakoh made a steal which gave Briercrest a breakaway and Jared Wicks took a foul and made both free throws. Josh Klassen made a steal which helped Apakoh get to the net for a layup. When Briercrest next made their way down the court, Apakoh took an offensive charge. Briercrest stormed on and made six points to end the 3rd quarter 76-45 for SAIT.

The 4th quarter began with SAIT putting in six points to make the score 82-47 for SAIT. Klassen took a point for Briercrest and Penner followed with a layup. Briercrest took four straight points after they ran a fast couple plays. Briercrest took a timeout at 84-53. After the timeout Briercrest put in more passes at the key and Josh Tippe swished a three-pointer. With three minutes left of the 4th quarter Josh Tippe shot another three to make the score 62-88 for SAIT. Bennett then effortlessly dribbled to the net for a layup. Apakoh took a foul and made both his free throws assisting Briercrest to make the score 90-66 for SAIT. Bennett was  fouled again and made a free throw 69-97 for SAIT. Apakoh banked a three-pointer concluding the game 99-72 for SAIT.

Ryan Penner took player of the game for Briercrest with 6 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, and a team high 18 points. SAIT took the game with 48-31 rebounds, 18-11 assists, 13-10 steals, and both teams had a block.

Other team leaders for Briercrest were Brendan Adrian with seven rebounds, Josh Klassen with three assists and Drew Schulz and Keon Bennett with two steals.

Briercrest travels to Lethbridge next weekend to take on the Kodiaks.

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