Ryan Penner brings great attitude and work ethic to mens basketball team

Posted: October 31, 2014

Ryan Penner, #12 in your playbook, and #1 in “HEART”.  Ryan is one of the friendliest guys you will ever meet and is always quick to give a warm smile and a solid handshake.  He is a constant encourager and truly is the “HEART” of the Briercrest Clippers Men’s Basketball team.

The second-year student at Briercrest, studying Business Administration, came to Briercrest because of the great environment to pursue his faith in God and to continue to play basketball after high school.  He came to Briercrest in his grade 12 year, from Winkler, Manitoba, for the DoggPound Showcase, which is an ID Camp that Briercrest has hosted for the past few years. 

Coach Rod Adrian explained what drew him to Penner.

 “I saw something really special in Ryan from the moment I met him,” Adrian said. “Even as a young player I saw tremendous athleticism and leadership qualities in him that few people possess.” 

Ryan saw something special about the team that he wanted to be a part of. Ryan’s favourite moment so far at Briercrest was playing in the ACAC playoffs last season, with a great group of guys, good chemistry, and very supportive of one another.  These are all the things that Ryan says make this team special.

Ryan’s goals as a student are to earn a business degree and in the future to keep working hard at whatever he does, whether it is playing basketball or as a student. 

Not only is Ryan the team’s emotional leader, he brings an athletic pedigree as a multi-sport athlete that includes high level baseball, a solid work ethic, and passion to improve. 

“I am so thankful for Ryan on a daily basis, as he is appreciative of the opportunity to play, leads his teammates in the right attitude, and is one of our best athletes,” Adrian said. “He is a coach’s dream, as he has a teachable spirit to go along with strong athletic skills, and a desire to compete.  In an ‘age of athletic entitlement’, Ryan is often thanking me after practice and appreciating the opportunity to play a sport he loves.  And, on top of all that he is a fantastic player who is in the top 3 of our team in all the major categories.  I am so thankful to have Ryan represent our team on and off the court.”

This season watch for #12 slashing through the key making amazing plays, diving for loose balls, scoring key baskets for the team, ripping rebounds out of the sky, encouraging his teammates, and afterword distributing “high-fives”.