Josh Wendel shines again as Briercrest falls to Red Deer in Saturday rematch

Posted: October 25, 2014

Briercrest Men’s Volleyball faced the Red Deer Kings for a rematch Saturday night. The first set began with Joel Rosewarn taking the serve. The Red Deer Kings  started the set playing extremely strong and jumping to a 3-2 lead. Briercrest took a eager timeout at 3-9 for Red Deer. Rosewarn and Jachin Karg gave hard blocks but the Kings remained in the lead 7-10. Briercrest battled with determination and not far behind at 10-15 for Red Deer. Calvin Sawatzky hit an amazing smash helping Briercrest with the Kings still in the lead 12-17. Briercrest took a timeout at 12-18 for Red Deer College. Red Deer, a strong competitor, stayed in the lead 15-23 nearing the end of the first set. The first set concluded 17-25 for Red Deer Kings.

Second set: Red Deer started off with the first couple of points and proves a tough team to face. Briercrest called a timeout at 1-9 for the Kings. Carter Reimer took the serve and the Kings forced it back 3-12. At 6-16 for Red Deer they continued to play with energy. Briercrest’s Josh Wendel gave a quick smash and gave a point to Briercrest. Briercrest came back stronger 10-17 for Red Deer. Briercrest pulled through with a great amount of effort but remained behind 12-22 for the Kings. A close game the remainder of the set Briercrest cut the lead to 17-24 before the second set ended 17-25 for Red Deer.

The third set began with Briercrest taking the first point and then several strong kills. Briercrest picked up in the game taking a 5-2 lead. Red Deer took a time out with a 7-2 Briercrest lead. Briercrest came back stronger and more energetic in the lead 9-4. Briercrest took a timeout at 10-8 and the Kings close behind. Red Deer the cut into the lead and then tied the score 11-11. Both teams scrimmaged and the scoreboard kept the pattern 14-14.   Red Deer finally took a 17-18 lead after both teams cut close to the end of the third set. Briercrest pulled forward 20-18 with the team attacking with their hits and solid blocks. Briercrest called a timeout at 21-22 for Red Deer. Keaton Strom tied up the score 22-22 after the timeout with a mighty hit. Red Deer responded to take a 26-25 lead and the won 27-25 for the 3-0 (25-17, 25-17, 27-25) victory.

Josh Wendel took player of the game honours for Briercrest with great force contributing a team high eight kills, to go with six digs, one assist and one block. Other team highs were carter Reimer with 25 assists and a game high two service aces, and Zac Ens with 11 digs and a game high three blocks.

Red Deer won in almost every area: 48-31 kills, 46-28 assists, and 51-47 digs. Each team had four service aces and Briercrest held the advantage in blocks 6-4.

Briercrest next plays Ambrose University College in Calgary Friday, Oct. 31. If you can’t make it to the next game be sure to watch online at

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