Briercrest Women’s Volleyball Defeats Red Deer for the first time since 2000

Posted: October 25, 2014

Briercrest women’s volleyball  faced the Red Deer College Queens for a rematch on Saturday, October 25, 2014. The Briercrest College Clippers played determined for a win after losing in four sets to the Queens on October 24. The win is the first win for Briercrest over Red Deer since November 25, 2000, and the second in program history.

Briercrest started the first set with the first two points and the Queens not too far behind. Both teams battled with close calls and managed to tie the scoreboard 6-6. Rylee Wiebe contributed with strong blocks and hard hits tying up the scoreboard again, 14-14. Briercrest took a time out with Red Deer in the lead, 17-19. Briercrest came back ready and stronger pushing through and leaving a score of 22-22 with Queens calling a timeout. The match between Queens and Briercrest was even with both teams working hard and pushing through. The scoreboard tied up at 24-24 and Briercrest eager to beat Red Deer, the first set continued to give a fascinating comeback. Briercrest claimed victory on the first set, 27-25.

The second set started with the Queens taking the first couple of points and Briercrest playing as a team and close behind 4-8 for Red Deer. Briercrest then took a desperate time out, behind on the scoreboard 5-10. The Queens played more competitively than the first set remaining ahead 6-12, but Briercrest put in excessive team effort and positivity worked hard to gain more points. Briercrest looked to take over the second set catching up 11-14 for Red Deer. As the tough match continued Briercrest aimed to get ahead by showing more self confidence in their teammates. Briercrest took a time out at 21-17 for the Queens. After the timeout, Briercrest gave a great amount of energy. Red Deer took a timeout holding the score at 21-23. Nearing the end of the second set, both teams battled hard 23-24 for Red Deer. Red Deer took another timeout seeing Briercrest dedicated to win another set. Finally, the scoreboard took a tie, 24-24. Briercrest, playing with power, ended the match 26-24. Mikayla Reinhardt helped out with forceful serves.

As the third set began, Briercrest took the first point from Erin Anderson with a powerful kill. The Queens came back strong 6-2. Briercrest took a timeout at 2-7 for Red Deer. Both teams scrimmaged with solid plays with Briercrest taking another timeout at 6-13 for Red Deer. Whitney Zylstra added to Briercrest with amazing smashes. Briercrest stayed not far behind at 8-15. The third set, showing to be a bit more rocky for Briercrest, took a turn with Briercrest getting even closer on the scoreboard, 13-16. The match continued unpredictable with Red Deer in the lead, 13-20. Briercrest scrambled to defeat another set 16-22 still for the Queens. Janae Rapley gave a powerful hit moving Briercrest closer 18-22. Red Deer took a timeout not wanting to give away another set. Zacharias contributed with an amazing hit, 20-24 for Red Deer. Red Deer proved to be resilient taking the third set 25-21.

The fourth set took a dramatic change as Briercrest made an incredible first start 4-0. Zacharias was on serve and continually powerful helping Briercrest 7-1. The match started to look bright for Briercrest as the team was energetic and ready for any hit, 9-4 for Briercrest. Red Deer took a frantic timeout at 11-4 for Briercrest. The Queens trailed behind closely, 13-8. Wiebe took a steady serve and Briercrest played forceful leading 17-11. Briercrest gave an amazing set and showed to be a strong competitor to take the lead 20-14. Briercrest took a timeout at 20-17 with Red Deer following close behind. As the set neared an end Briercrest persevered 22-19. At the last couple of points both teams played closely, at 23-22 for Briercrest they called a quick timeout. Briercrest concluded the exciting match defeating Red Deer 25-22, for a 3-1 (27-25, 26-24, 22-25, 25-22) victory.

Sam Zacharias took player of the game for Briercrest with a game high total of 24 kills, 20 digs and 5 service aces to go with one service ace.

Briercrest won every aspect of the game with 50-43 kills, 47-36 assists, 14-7 service aces, 9-5 blocks and 88-80 digs. Amanda Lundquist had a game high 42 assists and Erin Anderson had a game high four blocks.

Briercrest plays Ambrose University College next on October 31, 2014 in Calgary, Alberta.

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