Briercrest hockey’s Armstrong gives one-hundred percent in all he does

Posted: October 25, 2014

Aaron Armstrong is one of a couple neat players on the Briercrest hockey team who hail from Ontario.   He calls Teeswater home and has played his successful junior hockey career in Wingham, Ontario. 

Aaron brings with him a passion for game and experience in what it means and will take to experience success on the ice. He is committed to giving 100 percent effort towards his goals and his work ethic has been infectious.

This commitment to giving 100 percent is also evident in the way that he approaches all the areas of his life, including his studies.  He can often be seen driving his truck full of guys to the Library for extra study time. 

He says about Briercrest that, “the school has surrounded me with friends and teammates that share the same passion for Christ as I do and has provided a healthy environment for me to continue my journey of following Christ while developing amazing lifelong friendships.”

As focused on his goals as he is, it is clear that Aaron also has a deep care for people around him and he demonstrates this in many ways.

He has played on some great teams, but he also comments that, “our team is special because of the amazing atmosphere that we have, not just inside the locker room but everywhere we go. Whether it's eating together in the cafeteria, enjoying practice together or on road trips, we are fortunate to have a team that loves to be around one another.” 

After Briercrest, Aaron would like to find ways to stay involved in the game of hockey and if nothing were to hold him back, his dream would be to coach in the National Hockey League.