Langford brings passion and desire to grow to Briercrest hockey team

Posted: October 24, 2014

Stephen Langford wears number 19 and is a key returning veteran for your Briercrest Clippers.  

Stephen has lived in a number of places growing up, but most recently has called Fort Collins, Colorado his home. He loves the game of hockey and plays with passion. He is competitive and has a strong desire to win and continues to grow in how to channel that in positive ways that help the team as well as himself.  He was recruited to Briercrest by a former coach and felt it would be a great place to grow on and off the ice.

About his team, Stephen says, “all the guys on our team are really special. Everyone is at different places in their walks with the Lord and makes it a unique and tight-knit fellowship with one another.”

He believes they have the team that can take a crack at a playoff spot this year and are working hard towards that goal. Some of his favorite memories are home openers as they are always rocking but it was also pretty special to sweep a weekend series last season.

Since coming to Briercrest, Langford comments that his, “faith has been heavily impacted…. A class with Carl Hinderager this semester has tested me, and pushed me to further my understanding of God, and is continuing to strengthen my daily walks with the Lord through prayer and Scripture reading.”

Stephen has had to battle through a number of injuries, but has used the opportunities to understand what it means to persevere and stay positive. He continues to be ready to do what it takes to be prepared and to help the team in any way that he can.

Stephen is also committed to his classroom studies and has ambitions to pursue a full kinesiology degree and become an elite physio therapist.   We have no doubt he will continue to accomplish some neat things as he places God at the center of everything.