Reinhardt brings leadership and intensity to volleyball team

Posted: October 17, 2014

Fourth year outside hitter, Mikayla Reinhardt brings leadership and great intensity to the Briercrest women’s volleyball team again this year. The Humanities student says her greatest strength is her aggressiveness and consistency on the court, alongside being a gentle and caring person for the other players to relate to.

What attracted Reinhardt to Briercrest was the friendly atmosphere and the dedication of the team to work hard.

“When I came for my recruitment trip, I was so warmly welcomed by the girls and by Nolan,” she explained. “It was apparent that the atmosphere on the team was one of family and friendship, and yet I could still feel their drive and desire to win. That was the kind of team I wanted to play for.”

Reinhardt describes the team atmosphere as a family that is continually supporting each other.

“The team at Briercrest is full of amazing girls all striving for the same goal,” she added. “We push each other each practice to get better as players and as people.”

During her time in Caronport, Reinhardt is working hard to find the balance between school and athletics.

“I hope that I can take all I can from the classes and the professors so I can apply their lessons to my life after school,” Reinhardt said. “I also hope to get better as a player and I hope to help my girls grow into wonderful people.”

Once her time at Briercrest has ended, Reinhardt hopes to follow her dreams of becoming a junior high or high school teacher using her focus in English or History.

If nothing was holding her back she says, “I would love to travel all over, going wherever I felt like it, whenever I felt like it.”     

Thinking back to her favourite moment with the Briercrest team Reinhardt replied, “I can’t pick a favourite moment, I have so many fantastic memories from my first three years and I am so excited to make more this coming year.”

With Reinhardt’s strong leadership, it is sure to be a great season!