Mueller is thankful and expectant for time with Briercrest hockey team

Posted: September 27, 2014

Briercrest is excited to have Christian Mueller back in the port city for what is his third season with the hockey team.   He brings with him an experienced presence and a desire to help this program go to the next level.

Originally a Manitoba boy, Christian was pulled out of his beloved province to come to Saskatchewan because of couple of cousins who were attending Briercrest and spoke very highly of it.

He has many goals for this season for himself and for the team.  He is in the business program and hopes to make the Dean’s list this year.   As an athlete, he desires to lead by his work ethic and giving 100% every day.    He is excited to see and be a part of the team making playoffs and to see playoff hockey come to the Barkman arena!

Being a part of the Briercrest hockey program has been a unique experience for Mueller

“I wouldn't describe it so much as a team, but as more of a family, a group of guys that have each other’s backs,” Mueller described. “And, that bring their lunch buckets and hard hats to work each day. I love this team, and we’re poised for some big things this year!”

He also describes the important role being at Briercrest has had on his life. 

“Being at Briercrest, both as a student and as a hockey player, has helped shape me, because it has made me realize the importance of my faith in everyday life both inside and outside of the rink,” Mueller explained. “Hockey has challenged me to really look at my faith from a team perspective and realize that you are a part of something bigger and ultimately that you are playing for the Lord.”

If nothing were holding him back, Christian’s dream would be to one day play professional hockey.  Wherever his path leads, we are excited to see the impact he will have!