Dufresne looks to lead Briercrest hockey team on and off the ice this season

Posted: September 26, 2014

We are very excited to have Josh Dufresne back for his fourth season with Briercrest having served the last two seasons also as the captain of the team.  With much transition he has went above and beyond the call of duty to lead well and help keep the team moving forward.

Josh is in the Biblical studies program currently and has a passion to use his God given gifts to serve in the Aboriginal community in Canada.

“I strongly desire for the dynamic between Aboriginal people, and the rest of Canada to change, both socially and politically,” he explained.

Josh didn’t always plan to come to Briercrest but he became familiar with Briercrest through his Grade 7 teacher, who had went to Briercrest before going on to pursue and education degree.   Though originally this wasn’t his plan, it was during his second last year of junior hockey eligibility that he believed God was calling him to come to Briercrest instead of playing out his last year of junior hockey in his hometown of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

Josh is a leader who demonstrates a desire to care well and serve his teammates well, as well as pushing them to continue to grow in every area of their lives.  He attempts to model a work ethic that is also needed on the ice by giving 100 percent every time he is on the ice.

Josh noted that Briercrest is an incredibly unique opportunity to play hockey. 

“I think what is special about our team at Briercrest is the strong bond that we have together which I think comes as a result of our faith in Christ,” he explained. “It also comes from the close proximity in which we live here in Caronport that allows us to spend a lot of time together.”

His favorite hockey moment so far was when they swept Grant MacEwan University at home last year.

“We played two close games with them, and grinded out two wins, after they had most recently beat some of the strongest teams in our league,” he explained. “I hope we can take something away from that weekend this year, and get in that mode of hockey from the beginning of the season.”

We are excited to see how Josh will help lead the team this season and create some more favorite hockey moments, but also to see him continue to grow as a leader and how his time here at Briercrest will prepare and equip him to impact the world around him.