Partnership between Briercrest and HMI continues with successful 29th edition of camp

Posted: August 15, 2014

For the 29th year in a row Hockey Ministries International (HMI) hosted a summer hockey camp on the Briercrest College campus July 27-August 1.

The partnership that was established between Briercrest and HMI in the first camp back in August 1986 continued to grow this summer as at least 12 alumni, three current players and two recruits for the coming 2014-15 season helped with the camp.

Briercrest hockey head coach Jamie Ramer was involved with the camp and was pleased with the continued connection between HMI and Briercrest.

“It was good to see so many Briercrest alumni and current players involved,” Ramer said. “There are so many Briercrest connected people – former Clippers, Cougars, staff– that are a part of a fantastic group of volunteers that pull off this camp. There were also many good young players for the week that are great prospects for the future as well. A neat story was Stephen Langford driving a car load of guys up from Colorado to be counselors!”

“I think it is an important opportunity for our school and hockey program to be involved with a ministry like this,” Ramer continued. “The hockey culture needs to be engaged with the good news of Jesus at all levels and we are a school that equips people to engage the world.  The hockey culture is a huge part of our Canadian culture and what better place for our hockey players to get involved in. HMI has experience in this area and yet need quality of leaders that come out of this program. It is exciting for me to see three of our graduates (Josh Dueck, Josh and Stacey Gustafson, and Dare Mably) over helping with HMI hockey camps in Sweden this summer, two of which who are staying for the year as hockey missionaries. God has used many of our alumni in significant ways over the years in that country and that is a part of my story as well.”

Caronport HMI Camp Director Karlene Bennalick is thankful for the HMI-Briercrest connection.

“Camp this year went great!” Bennalick said. “We had troubles at first getting staff but then the Briercrest alumni came through in a pinch! We even capped our numbers at 95 (we usually range between 100-105) because we feared not having enough staff. The Lord not only blessed us with the exact number of counselors/on ice staff that we needed but also one of the best quality staffs we have had in years! We found ourselves ashamed that we even worried about staffing, the Lord always provides!”

“The location for our camp is great!” Bennalick continued. “Having the rink, the dorms, and the cafeteria all within a few steps of each other is ideal. We are so thankful that we are able to hold this camp in such a great community. Both the events department and the athletic department were great to work with and it was obvious that they wanted our camp to succeed in our mission as much as we did! It was also great to have CHS chaplain AJ Crocker come in every morning to lead our am chapels. He made a strong impact on these kids’ lives. I overheard one kid say after chapel that the morning chapels were becoming his favourite part of the day. That warmed my heart!”

The 30th annual HMI camp July 2015 is sure to be another amazing camp as Briercrest and HMI continue their amazing partnership.


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