Briercrest Imprint program leaves a positive impression on student

Posted: June 16, 2014

Megan Peters’ first year of college made a positive impression on her.

The Caronport High School alumnus completed her first year in Briercrest’s Imprint program at Muskoka Woods.

“You kind of know you’re going to be a bit of a guinea pig,” she said about being in the first group of students in the program. “But right off I felt so blessed. Our beginning trip was kayaking in Georgian Bay. It started off on such a great note and it just got better as it went.”

The one-year Imprint certificate program allows students to develop leadership skills and explore the fine arts while also taking several Briercrest courses.

For Peters that was a winning combination. She spoke about Jessica Morgan, her painting and sketching teacher, to illustrate the blend of art and faith in the program.

“She started off each class with a devotional and prayer,” she said. “That was so great to remember why you’re doing (art) or who you’re doing it for.”

“For me as an artist it’s really important to figure out how my faith and my art kind of go together and how I can express my faith through my art,” she continued. “I don’t think people always realize the connection.”

Although the arts are a primary focus in the Imprint program, students also get the experience of taking several college courses from Briercrest professors.

“The academics this year were amazing,” Peters said. “It was a big stretch for all of us. I learned so much. We had so many great professors come in. Having one-on-one time with your professor was so important.”

One class that especially impacted Peters was Spiritual Formation with Cal Macfarlane, who is also a potter.

“Pottery played a big role because Cal (illustrates) his talks with clay,” she said.

Although Peters’ medium is mainly painting and sketching, she enjoyed exploring pottery because of MacFarlane’s influence.

“Cal’s an amazing potter,” she said. “I did more pottery than any other medium this year which I was surprised at because I hadn’t done that much pottery before.”

Besides expanding her range of artistic mediums, Peters says she was also challenged by the leadership course at Imprint.

“There’s a leadership studio at Muskoka Woods and it’s an absolutely amazing facility,” she exclaimed. “The director of that leadership studio taught us a class and it was phenomenal. She focused on women in leadership and that was really special to be able to explore. We were able to apply it to our lives.”

A two-day modular course entitled Food and Spirituality especially helped Peters confirm her passion for food and cooking.

“We made bread and then we spent a day making a huge feast,” she explained. “We spent the whole day cooking. It was really special.”

The experience made such an impact that when Peters returned home for the summer she looked into further training in the culinary arts.

“I have been looking at a couple of culinary schools and my summer job is working in the kitchen at Grant Hall in Moose Jaw,” she said. “Just to get the feel if it’s something I really want to do. I’ve always been really passionate about food. I love my job so far so I think I really am going to try to pursue it.”

The Briercrest student says she would recommend the Imprint program for those interested.

“This is a great program,” she exclaimed. “There’s so much potential for young artists.”