Briercrest grad has new outlet for his compassion

Posted: March 31, 2014

When Dave Siverns decided he wanted to pursue a bachelor of arts degree with an emphasis on worship, he did his research and Briercrest College came out as the top option among schools in Canada.

Siverns, who graduated in 2008, is the director of worship and young adults at Lethbridge Evangelical Free Church. Recently he expanded his career, being named a musical advocate for Compassion Canada.

“I really enjoy being part of a local church and my goal isn’t to quit my day job,” Siverns said speaking about his new role with Compassion.

Siverns, a married father of two, said his family is his top consideration for any future plans and for now he is enjoying his work in Lethbridge.

The singer-songwriter plays guitar and has recorded a six-song album with Jason Germain and Ben Reynolds in Nashville titled Songs for Singing. His performance of Be Still My Soul on that album garnered him a nomination for a Canadian Gospel Music Award in the classical and traditional music category last year.

Music and concerts are nothing new to Siverns. As a member of Elevate while a student at Briercrest College, he has toured this country coast to coast.

“I think I got the best education Briercrest (College) had to offer. As a member of Elevate, every couple of weekends I got to go to a different church to play and lead the worship. It taught me so much.”

Siverns did his first concert as a musical ambassador to Compassion Canada on Feb. 28 and he said it went well. As an ambassador, when Siverns does a concert ­– one he arranges or one set up by Compassion Canada – Siverns represents Compassion Canada and encourages the audience to visit a table set up at the concert where people can sponsor children (see sidebar on Compassion Canada).

“Most of what I do is about worship and retreat so it’s nice to have something to connect it to. And I really love the ministry of Compassion Canada,” he said.

Siverns wanted to do more with his music and applied to Compassion Canada to be one of its select group of ambassadors across the country – and was accepted.

While Siverns said he doesn’t have any plans for a concert in this area any time soon, he said he returns to Briercrest College at least once a year, either for business or pleasure. He noted that in his current position he works with a lot of Briercrest College alumni and now with is new ambassadorship, he is expanding that connection as Compassion Canada has ties to Briercrest and is usually onsite for Youth Quake.